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Information comes into the hippocampal system from the cerebral cortex, including the visual, auditory, sensory cortices and the motor cortex.

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One example of the information gleaned from these animal models is a better appreciation of how the normal layering of the cerebral cortex occurs.

The animal was then placed in a stereotaxic apparatus and a craniotomy performed lớn expose the left cerebral cortex overlying the thalamus.

This target article will review central results and use them lớn motivate some novel conclusions about the representation of language in the human cerebral cortex.

In the cerebral cortex, a bi-directional interaction between short-term reverberations and long-term structured neural assemblies is likely lớn occur.

The nonspecific thalamo-cortical projection system and the basalo-cortical system both give rise lớn widespread projections lớn the cerebral cortex.

The field of paleoneurology is constrained by the lack of fossilized remains of the cerebral cortex.

Although the hippocampus stores information, it seems that it also "installs" this processed information elsewhere in cerebral cortex for long-term availability.

The connection would be more complete if the memory were embedded in neural structures of the cerebral cortex.

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No blood flow lớn the cerebral cortex could be demonstrated.

Finally, processes in the cerebral cortex may be relevant lớn the development of externalizing problems at several levels.

Swallowing after unilateral stroke of the cerebral cortex: preliminary experience.

Our findings confirm that spindle-like rhythmic oscillations are generated at the thalamic level and are imposed upon the cerebral cortex.

Changing directions of forthcoming arm movements: neuronal activity in the presupplementary and supplementary motor area of monkey cerebral cortex.

Neuronal selectivities lớn complex object features in the ventral visual pathway of the macaque cerebral cortex.

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