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Connection issues are a common problem in the gaming world, and we're here to tát help you fix them. Error Code 0 is one of them, and this article will guide you through its solution.

Error Code0 VAL
This article will make sure your Valorant is running well in a matter of minutes | © Riot Games

What Is Error Code 0

By Riot Developers' definition, this error code is a standard and common Connectivity issue that will happen from time to tát time. A couple of factors can cause it, and it's one of the easier ones to tát get rid of.

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Now back to tát Code Zero.

What causes this error?

  • A Bad Start

This can happen when the game client isn't launching as it should be. Many micro-processes are running in the background (game engine), and any faulty running one can cause the connection to tát break.

  • Problems caused by Riot Vanguard

The Riot Vanguard does wonders for the community, and hence why tons of CS:GO players shift to tát this wonderful game. Ensuring a fair environment không tính tiền of cheats comes at a cost since it's interfering with the core part of your Operating System at a kernel level. This is super vulnerable as no system wants software at this level, and any access issues will cause the connection to tát break.

Vanguard Error Screen
You might get this screen as well | © Riot Games
  • Internet Issues

This is the most common one that you will experience and fear not since its solution is as simple as Sage. The problem persists when you lose Internet Connection while launching the game, causing a breaking point between the gaming client and your System.

  • Access Issues

Of all of the listed causes, this is the least common one, given the complexity of the situation. If Valorant, Riot Client, or Vanguard can't get through your Firewall, the game cannot establish a valid connection, hence getting Error Code 0.

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How To Fix Error Code VAL 0

Knowing the possible causes brings us to tát the final part which is the solution to tát this problem. Different causes need a different solution and we will list all of the known ones to tát the Valorant Community.

Restarting Your Client

Yup, the good old restart. Does wonders in most cases and is the first thing to tát tự with almost every Error Code. Doing the ordinary manual close-and-run again will in most cases fix the error code, but if that's not enough, you will need to tát entirely close every Riot-related process, and try running Valorant again.

Task Manager Process22
Make sure to tát close all of them | © Windows

Wondering how to tát tự that ?

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  • Open the Task Manager by holding CTRL + ALT + Delete
  • From there hop on to tát Processes
  • Go through all of your processes and tìm kiếm for the Riot-related ones
  • Once you find any, right-click them, and "End Task"

After finishing and closing all of the tasks, open Valorant again, and enjoy the weather in the game.

Check Your Internet Connection

Both Wireless and LAN connections on the Internet can cause problems. Both have disconnections that can be frequent or super rare, but if they happen during launch your game won't be able to tát lập cập properly. Fixing this is done entirely on the connection side of your Router --> Device.

Network Internet22
Network & Internet Settings can be a good tool to tát kiểm tra your connection | © Windows

You can try to:

  • Check if your LAN cable is damaged
  • Make sure your WiFi is stable, and the signal isn't low
  • Your router doesn't lose connection frequently

If your LAN cable is damaged, you will have to tát change it with another one. Wireless being unstable can be fixed by restarting the router or changing the WLAN Channels in the Router Interface. In the case of none of this solving the mạng internet issues, you will have to tát điện thoại tư vấn your Internet Service Provider and make sure everything is good on their side.

Whitelist Valorant and Riot Vanguard

Remember how we said that if Vanguard can't get through your Firewall, no connection can be established? Well if that's the case you can fix it by whitelisting these processes and letting your system know that they mean no harm.

Firewall Access23
Allowing Riot services through your firewall is a must | © Windows

Whitelisting can be done by:

Windows 11

  • Open Windows Settings (Windows Key + I)
  • From the left side, select Privacy & Security
  • From there go to tát Windows Security (First option)
  • Afterward, click on Firewall & Network Protection
  • Then go to tát "Allow an ứng dụng through firewall"
  • Make sure to tát mark Riot Client & Riot Vanguard and click OK to tát verify the changes

Windows 10

  • Open Settings and go to tát Update & Security
  • Select Windows Security and go to tát Virus & Protection
  • Click on the "Manage" option and then on the Add or Remove Exclusions
  • From there, find the Riot Vanguard Folder which is usually located in C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard
  • Click on OK to tát verify

Once you whitelist these processes, Valorant will have no issue passing your Firewall and the Connection will be as smooth as Brimstone.

Riot Through Firewall
You have to tát make sure Riot Services are marked in the Allowed Apps sector | © Windows

Last Resort Solutions

If none of the fixes above solve your issue, your last resort is to tát Uninstall Valorant and Reinstall it again or Liên hệ Riot tư vấn through their Ticket System and explain your issues to tát them. If you're having issues uninstalling Valorant, go to tát our How To Uninstall Valorant? guide where you will find the help needed.

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Contacting Riot Support can be done HERE.

That's all for this guide, we hope you found your solution here and your gaming session wasn't delayed by a lot. If you're looking for more Valorant Guides, you know Valorfeed got them all.