Proportion là gì

A higher proportion of men are willing to nói qua household responsibilities than used lớn be the case.

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The chart shows how weight increases in proportion to lớn height (= the increase in weight depends on the increase in height).

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the correct or most attractive relationship between the kích thước of different parts of the same thing or between one thing và another:
A small worry in the back of your mind can for no apparent reason assume/take on massive proportions in the middle of the night.
You have to lớn keep a sense of proportion (= the ability to lớn understand what is important and what is not).
I think a certain amount of worry about work is very natural, but you"ve got to keep it in proportion (= judge correctly its seriousness).
a part or nội dung of the whole, or the relationship between one thing và another in size, amount, or degree:
Proportion is also the correct relationship of the parts of a work of art khổng lồ each other, especially in their size.

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A proportion is also a equation (= mathematical statement) that shows two ratios (= comparisons) are equal.
boost/increase the proportion of sth He pledged to boost the group"s proportion of trang chủ sales from 5% to lớn 10%.
as a proportion of sth Last year, public spending as a proportion of GDP sank to its lowest since the mid-1960s.
It will take a few years before one will be able to observe equal proportions of men and women in sales management.
the proportion of sth to lớn sth The proportion of international sales lớn net sales will continue khổng lồ affect the company"s operating results.
used khổng lồ say that two things are connected, so that an increase in one is directly related to an increase in the other:
First, variability at 1 ; 8 was typically more evident in proportions of tokens than in proportions of types.
The proportions do not sum lớn 1n0 since the odd, other, & ambiguous categories are not represented here.
All results are reported as proportions of the total number of responses produced for a given age và condition.
In fact the proportions of incomers were very similar in 1881 lớn what they had been in 1851, và probably long before that.
As long as two sectors coexist, the demand for labor from the modern sector determines the population proportions of wage earners & subsisters.
By expressing as absolute difference, power grows quite fast when sample proportions are smaller than expected.
In the case of a proportional at small sample proportions, the power khổng lồ establish noninferiority remains low.
We have shown that outcome proportions and influence the overall power nguồn of the study lớn infer noninferiority.
By expressing as absolute deviation, the power grows quite fast when sample proportions are smaller than expected.
The current article is aimed at cost-minimization studies, where the clinical outcome is expressed in a dichotomous primary variable (proportions).
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Các từ hay được sử dụng cùng cùng với proportion.

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Fires broke out soon after the earthquake at midday, magnifying the disaster lớn catastrophic proportions & claiming the lives of tens of thousands of people.
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