Bridge Connection Là Gì

When there aren"t ports available on the router and Wi-Fi connectivity isn"t possible, then use Network Bridge on Windows 10 to lớn join other PCs to lớn the network.

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Network Bridge or Internet Connection Sharing?

It"s important to lớn note that Network Bridge is very similar khổng lồ the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature, but they"re not the same.

When you use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), you will convert your computer into a router, which uses a built-in DHCPhường hệ thống to lớn assign IPhường. addresses khổng lồ computers participating in ICS. It also offers Network Address Translation (NAT) that allows multiple devices lớn connect to lớn the network using the ICS host as the middle man.

On the other h&, Network Bridge doesn"t turn the host computer into a router & you won"t get Network Address Translation. It only provides a medium (bridge) in which other devices can connect directly lớn the network and obtain the same IP. address scheme every other computer connected to lớn the network is using.

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Which feature you should use? The answer lớn the question is: "depends". Both features offer similar benefits. If your local network already includes a router connected khổng lồ the mạng internet và you want a seamless network integration where all devices tóm tắt the same network addressing scheme, then you should consider using Network Bridge.

If you need a router-lượt thích feature, & you want khổng lồ keep the network segments separated while taking advantage of the security benefits of Network Address Translation, then you"ll be better suited using Internet Connection Sharing.

In theory, a bridge connection is more efficient, because the host is only a pass-through, & all the routing process will occur in the local router & not on the host computer.

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Remember that Network Bridge và Internet Connection Sharing have sầu been designed only for home page và small office networks, and for scenarios, where a wireless connection can"t be established, or a cable run lớn the main router or switch is not possible. These features are not recommended as networking solutions for businesses. In addition, there can only be one Network Bridge or one Internet Connection Sharing per-computer.

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