Save sầu the world from sure destruction!

Intelligent, intergalactic space chickens offended by the fact that earth chickens are bred and killed for their meat & eggs. The first time they came to Earth, they became so enraged that they wanted to destroy the planet.

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Each time, the zany, crispy-chicken-wing loving anh hùng fought them off. Each time, the chickens came baông chồng.

You're in control of a heroic spaceship with the mission of destroying the intergalactic Chicken Invaders and defending the Earth. As you encounter various types of Chicken Invaders, make sure khổng lồ be quick và avoid the enemy's attacks or your ship will be destroyed.

The Chicken Invaders franchise is a cult classic among muốn indie gamers for its zany humor, bright cartoonish graphics, và smooth, minimadanh mục gameplay. The goal is simple: shoot waves và waves of flying chickens until they die.

This time, however, the chickens have sầu developed a fiendish plan. The Giant Egg Cannon just destroyed the Death Star và is coming lớn Earth to lớn destroy the planet. It will coat the earth with sticky white goo, and everything will be cooked by the heat of the sun.

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You follow "Hen Solo," a mysterious star pilot, in your attempt to lớn keep the space chickens from killing earth again. Little vì chưng you know his, or her, dark secret...

game Play Notes

game Play is reminiscent of classic arcade games like Galaga & Space Invaders, but revamped with impressive sầu graphics & entertaining twists. The dialogue in story mode phối a fun and lighthearted stage for the game. There are three difficulty levels so novices và expert gamers alượt thích can find a challenge and be kept on their feet.

You can play Chicken Invaders 4 with the keyboard or with a mouse, depending on your style of play. And you can hold down the shooting button, but your weapon will overheat if you hold it down for too long, & you'll have sầu to lớn go without a weapon for an agonizing five seconds.

The game requires a màn chơi of strategy lớn your shooting.

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Chickens will often drop drumsticks, fried chickens or chicken burgers. Collect 100 to get a missile which will wipe out all the chickens on the screen. You can also collect coins for increased scores, keys for unlockable items, và upgrades for better weapons. Weapons come in colors of presents:

Yellow - a fast-shooting low-damage laser Red - a medium-shooting, medium-damage energy burst Green - a slow-shooting, high-damage glob of green goo Orange - a lightning bolt that zaps a single target for extremely high damage Blue - enemy-seeking lightning bolts ... plus five more!

The game is surprisingly replayable, with special unlocked weapons you purchase with keys and new levels with increasing challenges.

Chicken Invaders 4 is a quirky, addictive sầu shooter that combines humorous lines with smooth gameplay. So if you're asked who will st& to defkết thúc earth in the face of this fun-filled threat? Only you!


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