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Chinese Paladin 5
Also known asClouds of the World
Written byWang Lizhi
Directed byLi Kwok-lap
Zheng Weiwen
He Zhenhua
Xu Huikang
StarringElvis Han
Guli Nazha
Joe Cheng
Yang Caiqi
Gina Jin
Geng Le
Opening themeEach Other by Power Station
Ending themeDifferent Way by S.H.E
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes40 (TV version), 45 (uncensored version)
ProducerKaren Tsoi
Running time45 minutes
Production companiesChinese Entertainment Shanghai
Linmon Pictures
Original networkHunan TV
Original release23 May –
19 July 2016
Chinese Paladin, Chinese Paladin 3

Chinese Paladin 5 (Chinese: 仙剑云之凡) is a năm 2016 Chinese television series adapted from the action role-playing game of the same name by Softstar Entertainment. The series is produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai and stars Elvis Han, Guli Nazha, Joe Cheng, Yang Caiqi, Gina Jin and Geng Le. It was first aired on Hunan TV from 23 May lớn 19 July năm 2016.[1][2]


Jiang Yunfan (Elvis Han), the son of a demon lord, becomes entangled in the fight between the human realm and Netherworld when the gate between both realms are threatened. Along the way, he meets Tang Yurou (Guli Nazha), a beautiful but sickly girl that has a mysterious condition and who teaches him about love and sacrifice. He also encounters Long You (Joe Cheng), the second prince of a demon tribe of questionable origins who is searching for his brother as well as Xiao Man (Yang Caiqi), the descendant of Nuwa seeking a stolen artifact. Yun Fan ends up developing friendships and relationships on his journey. However, his father, the demon king is going lớn be killed by gods and goddesses on earth lớn release his demon power. Yun Fan thus becomes embroiled in the conflict between good and evil. He has lớn choose in saving his father or aiding the immortals in killing him permanently.

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  • Elvis Han as Jiang Yunfan
Son of the Demon Lord and human Mother. After the passing of his mother, Yunfan is sent lớn reside at Gale Fortress also known as his second family, trang chính lớn mountain bandits. A series of events occur, causing him lớn become a disciple of Sage Yi Sạc at Mt Shu. Throughout the journey, he befriends Long You, Xiao Man and develops a special relationship with Yurou.
  • Guli Nazha as Tang Yurou
A disciple of Sage Cao Gu of Mt Shu, Yurou has talent in medicine and bears an unusual illness since her birth causing her lớn have a short lifespan. She ventures on a journey with her friends Yunfan, Long You and Xiao Man.
  • Joe Cheng as Long You
The 2nd prince and future king of the demon realm. He leaves his realm lớn find his long lost brother Long Ming, save the Demon Lord and lớn save the demon realm from serious drought. He becomes a disciple of Sage Yu Shu at Mt Shu. On the way he befriends Yunfan, Xiao Man and Yurou. He is fond of Xiao Man and Ling Yin.
  • Yang Caiqi as Xiao Man
A descendant of Goddess Nuwa, grand daughter of Sage Yi Sạc and disciple of Lady Hai Tang. She is a lovely adorable girl who is not afraid of doing what it takes lớn save the world from harm. Along the journey, she meets Long You, Yunfan and Yurou and becomes their main source of help. She is especially close with Long You.
  • Gina Jin as Ling Yin / Ling Bo
    • Chai Wei as teen Ling Yin
One of the seven sages at Mt Shu and sister of Ling Bo. She is a righteous woman and always has a reason for her actions. Due lớn the il-fated relationship between her sister and Long Ming, she resents all demons. However, she later likes Long You.
  • Geng Le as Jiang Shili
The Demon Lord of Clear Sky Sect and biological father of Yunfan. He was captured and sealed in a stone made of Nuwa’s blood for đôi mươi years in Mt Shu and has a revengeful personality.


Sages of Mt Shu[edit]

  • Canti Lau as Yi Sạc (Li Xiaoyao)
  • Deng Limin as Tai Wu
  • Guo Xiaoting as Cao Gu
  • Yang Tie as Qing Shi
  • Zhang Xiang as Yu Shu
  • Lu Senbao as Tie Bi


  • Cya Liu as Fang Caiwei
Yunfan's god sister and friend from Gale Fortress
  • Jing Chao as Long Ming
Long You's older brother and 1st prince of the demon realm
  • Wu Jianfei as Shangguan Ya

Yunfan's enemy who loves Yurou

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  • Che Yongli as Ouyang Qian
  • Wang Xuanyu as Ouyang Hui
  • Han Dong as Xia Gulin
  • Li Yuan as Lin Weiyang
  • Ye Qing as Yu Chang
  • Zhang Rui as Zhu Youya
  • Wang Zhixuan as Du Ying
  • Zhang Lei as Huangfu Zuo
  • Song Ning as Xie Shou
  • Yin Zhusheng as Mo Yi
  • Wang Yansu as Lady Hai Tang
Guardian of Goddess Nuwa in Miao Jing
  • Ren Xuehai as Xia Houzhang
  • Wang Chunyuan as Yin Qilei
  • Meng Weiming as Fang Yongsi
  • Cui Kefa as Ouyang Ying
  • Su Mao as Tang Hai
  • Zhang Ruijia as Yu Jiaohong
  • Xi Meijuan as A Zhu's mother
  • Sun Yaoqi as Heng Wenwen
A disciple at Mt Shu who likes Yunfan
  • Li Sicheng as Yi Xiaodan
  • Wang Yilin as Kun Feixue
  • Ji Zihan as Bing Lin
  • Xing En [zh] as Su Xingchen


Chinese Paladin 5 - Original Television Soundtrack ( 仙劍雲之凡电视剧原声音乐大碟)
1."Each Other (彼此)" (Opening theme song)Power Station 
2."Different Way (殊途)" (Ending theme song)S.H.E 
3."Not Able lớn Love (无法说爱)"Elvis Han 
4."Granted (成全)"Janice Yan 


  • Highest ratings are marked in red, lowest ratings are marked in blue
Air date Episode Unit name CSM52 đô thị network ratings CSM National Network ratings
Ratings Ratings share Ratings Ratings share
May 23, 2016 1-2 Sushan 0.580 3.513 0.75 6.15
May 24, 2016 3-4 0.690 3.981 0.60 4.83
May 30, 2016 5-6 Old friend in mysterious dream 0.825 4.965 0.70 5.62
May 31, 2016 7-8 0.880 5.130 0.79 6.19
June 6, 2016 9-10 Love 0.653 4.036 0.71 5.51
June 7, 2016 11-12 0.651 3.954 0.61 4.90
June 13, 2016 13-14 The long-term love 0.669 3.480 0.62 4.45
June 14, 2016 15-16 0.625 3.558 0.60 4.69
June đôi mươi, 2016 17-18 The mystery of the bottom of the lock demon tower 0.614 3.743 0.47 3.74
June 21, 2016 19-20 0.560 3.381 0.44 3.58
June 27, 2016 21-23 Return lớn God's Secret 0.503 3.335 0.39 3.36
June 28, 2016 24-26 0.623 4.235 0.53 4.75
July 4, 2016 27-29 Secret words in fairy dreams 0.676 4.402 0.77 6.42
July 5, 2016 30-32 0.739 4.648 0.69 5.68
July 11, 2016 33-35 Mysterious dreams are back 0.547 3.721 0.54 4.64
July 12, 2016 36-38 0.550 3.572 0.50 4.25
July 17, 2016 39-41 Battle of Gods 0.354 2.104 0.44 3.44
July 18, 2016 42-43 0.614 3.405 0.64 4.44
July 19, 2016 44-45 0.684 3.615 Not available


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