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The "successful" governess, it seems, manages her pupils into "successful" betrothals - just lượt thích the marriage plot novel.

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The share it acquired depended on the daughters' present circumstances, on whether they were unmarried, married, or returned from marriage as a widow or divorcée.

Furthermore, earlier marriage reinforces this trend, because graduates will be spending a greater proportion of their childbearing years in marriage.

Officially, ecclesiastical matrimony had thus replaced secular, private, and clandestine marriage.

If there were no sons in the house and the heir was the eldest daughter, the marriage resulted, theoretically, in a mere reversal of roles.

Due recognition must also be given đồ sộ changes in nuptial fertility and đồ sộ apparently changing perceptions of the roles of marriage and the family.

The question of succession prompted families engaged in the same occupation đồ sộ sườn an association that controlled members' marriages and inheritances.

The land was most likely đồ sộ be transferred đồ sộ the eldest son of the first marriage.

Their members' marriage patterns, for example, showed subtle, but visible, differences from those of other social groups.

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Thus, the families in the sample are characterized by poverty, relatively large family size, and frequent unstable marriages.

The marriage ceremony itself was perfunctory and, in this instance, the whole process of juba'ing seems đồ sộ have proceeded smoothly.

Marriage has been secularised and is concluded upon the oral response of the two parties.

Certainly, over a long historical period it might be expected that unrecorded separations would have diminished as a proportion of all marriage breakdowns.

The term used đồ sộ denote marriage is known đồ sộ have differed according đồ sộ region and social group.

What is the nature of the interaction between education and delayed marriage?

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