Tom and jerry: chase


Most MultiVersus characters fight solo, but Tom & Jerry are a package deal. The slapstick comedy duo is the trickiest character to play in Warner Bros. Crossover brawler. 

Tom và Jerry are rarely seen teaming up for a common goal, but whenever they join forces, it spells chaos. The cat & rat enter the wacky multiverse as a pair, ready to lớn take on the likes of Batman, LeBron James, Superman, & more. While some may expect these cartoons lớn be easy to lớn operate compared lớn the superheroes, Tom và Jerry are actually the toughest khổng lồ handle. 


Tom và Jerry are slotted in the Mage class of MultiVersus, meaning their move mix shines the most in long-range duels. Tom can toss abilities and khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage from afar using a racket, a mousetrap, và even Jerry tied to a rocket. 

The duo has a range of primary ground & air attacks, which can make their kit feel confusing. But mastering their moves can bring a high rate as they employ tricks và schemes to lớn toss enemies out of the ring instead of straightforward punches. Besides being a viable Mage, the duo provides ample tư vấn to a teammate. Tom’s Jerry Projectile offers a chất lượng “cheese” buff which makes teammates’ attacks bởi vì more damage.

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The trick to lớn nailing down move mix is to stay back and use Jerry as ammo. Instead of running into the enemies, players must maintain a distance và lay down traps for them. Tom’s racquet is a handy ability which helps the pair make moves from afar. The melee attack can giảm giá heavy damage & is also capable of reflecting enemy projectiles.

Tom và Jerry’s full moveset in MultiVersus 

Here are all the abilities of Tom và Jerry in MultiVersus, divided in ground and air attacks:

Ground Air
Volley (attack)Tom charges a with a tennis racket that can reflect projectiles.Same as ground
Mallet timeA combo of with a large mallet.Scratch cat (attack)Two fast swipes forward.
Paddle-Paddle-PaddleCharge an attack where Tom uses a paddle ball above his head. The longer you charge, the more bounces the paddle ball makes.Trash BandTom slams two trash can lids above his head. The hit is strongest where the lids collide.
Slingshot Sharpshooter (special)Tom aims và fires Jerry as a projectile. Tennis balls gain nguồn if reflected by Tom’s tennis racket again. Tom can fire multiple tennis balls until out of ammo.

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Same as ground
Goin’ Fishing Tom will cast forward with a fishing pole. The lure hits enemies when reeled in.Same as ground
Rocket MouseTom straps Jerry khổng lồ a rocket projectile. The rocket can be steered. If Jerry isn’t with Tom, then Tom launches a rocket that locks onto Jerry.Same as ground
Snap Trap Tom will place a mouse trap projectile on the ground.Look out belowTom drops a stick of dynamite projectile that will explode on its second tỷ lệ thoát or if it hits an enemy. The dynamite gains power if reflected by Tom’s tennis racket. Tom can drop multiple sticks until out of ammo.
Feline PounceCharge a pounce attack forward that breaks armor. Charging increases the distance of the pounce.Cast-iron CrusherTom his frying pan downward.

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How khổng lồ unlock Tom và Jerry in MultiVersus?

Characters in MultiVersus can be unlocked quickly by feeding the trò chơi 3,000 Gold. However, players can still unlock the chaotic duo by playing the trò chơi for free.

Gold is the only way to unlock special characters in MultiVersus. But 3,000 Gold, which translates to lớn roughly 700 Gleamium, can take a lot of time to lớn earn. Fortunately, players can still play Tom & Jerry by collecting Gold through introductory missions. Another way is khổng lồ grind competitive matches, as custom games don’t reward Gold. a match warrants bonus points, so players may want khổng lồ practice their moves before starting a game. 

Best 2v2 teammate for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus

The duo can seem impossible beat when paired with a Tank lượt thích Iron Giant or Wonder Woman. Their long-range attacks will tenderize enemies, helping a Tank toss them out of the bản đồ with stronger spells. A Bruiser may also fulfill the same purpose, helping Tom and Jerry come closer lớn victory.