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More significantly, in the second parasite, breaches of the outer plasma membrane were evident extending over 1-5 % of the toàn thân surface in transverse sections.

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We know when a peace agreement has been signed or breached.

In addition, our preliminary analyses indicated that breaches that might represent moral transgressions were uncommon.

In contrast, situational breaches and breaches of moral or social standards occur infrequently, and can vary widely in context, salience, and significance.

However, these extraterrestrial invaders of suburbia have breached humanity's ultimate boundary, that between itself and the universe.

The crisis generated such antagonism between the opposing groups that even the facade of carefully constructed politeness that marked late eighteenthcentury society was breached.

As healthcare organizations throughout the world deploy electronic health records, they will almost certainly experience breaches that engender unexpected and nonsensical situations.

Like computer-hackers breaching elaborate security systems vĩ đại disrupt large organizations, they may have been secretly demonstrating their own cleverness.

The child 'breaks the barrier of the book's surface', just as, in opera, the edge of the proscenium is breached by the power of performance.

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Thus, the success of prayer as a method for healing social breaches hinges on both par ties' responsiveness.

There is no case of breaching the boundaries.

Naturally, users object vĩ đại this and there have been a number of instances of users suing the organizations responsible for such breaches of privacy.

A question with no answer is a barrier than thở cannot be breached.

The state never assumed the integrity of an institution with its own rules and traditions that could not be breached by the imperial will.

Storytellers also added clarifications and dates, indicated possible breaches of their confidentiality, and underscored sensitive issues or passages they wished vĩ đại remain unreported.

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