Enable trang web access and one-click prompts in ChatGPT
and display AI responses next đồ sộ tìm kiếm results

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Key features

Web access

  • Get trang web results for your queries
  • Scrape entire tìm kiếm result pages for full insights
  • Extract webpage text from any url


One-click prompts

  • One-click ChatGPT prompts library
  • Run prompts that perform trang web searches and live crawling
  • Manage your own prompts


Search with AI

  • Get AI-powered tìm kiếm answers right beside your tìm kiếm results
  • Powered by ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, Bing AI
  • Compatible with all popular tìm kiếm platforms


Frequently Asked Questions

Which tìm kiếm engine does the extension use?

Google Search and Yahoo! Search.

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Why is the extension asking for `access đồ sộ all websites` permission?

The extension requires access đồ sộ all websites because there is no backend server đồ sộ process trang web requests, and everything happens locally in the browser. There are two modes: trang web searching using Google Search and Yahoo! Search, and extracting webpage text from URLs. Web searching requires access đồ sộ Google Search and Yahoo! Search, while URL text extraction requires access đồ sộ any trang web. This is why the access đồ sộ all websites permission is required.

The extension does not work, the toolbar does not show up. What can I do?

Some other ChatGPT extensions are known đồ sộ interfere with WebChatGPT. If you are experiencing issues with the toolbar not showing up, please try disabling any other ChatGPT extensions that you have installed and reloading the page. If you continue đồ sộ experience issues, feel không tính phí đồ sộ reach out đồ sộ us on our Discord server for assistance.

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Can I use other tìm kiếm engines?

The extension currently only supports trang web searching using the Google Search and Yahoo! Search engine. However, you can use Google Search and Yahoo! Search bangs to get tìm kiếm results from thousands of other websites. For example, !pm đồ sộ tìm kiếm on PubMed, !gsc – on Google Scholar, etc. You can find the full list of available bangs on the Google Search and Yahoo! Search trang web. Simply type the bang followed by your tìm kiếm query đồ sộ perform the tìm kiếm on the corresponding trang web.

Does it work on mobile?

No, currently the extension only works in chromium-based browsers.

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