Wardrobe là gì

a department in a theatre, film company, etc. that is in charge of the clothes that the actors wear on stage, making certain that they are clean, repairing them & sometimes making them:

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As individuals, these consumers constructed rich domestic interiors that boasted impressive print collections, lavish wardrobes và surprisingly comprehensive sầu libraries.
There are competing attractions for the expenditure of the people who were probably restocking their wardrobes after the war.
Suits of clothes hanging in wardrobes were completely destroyed, and then there was an argument about compensation.
Manufacturers tell me that inquiries are already coming through for less cubic capađô thị in wardrobes.
What about this new development in movable partitions, with the partitions consisting of fitted wardrobes?
Apart from that, one wonders what will happen lớn the furniture manufacturers when builders include all this vast amount of fitted wardrobes & the rest.
We have also ensured that compensation for the incorrect installation of goods, for example wardrobes will also apply for the protection of consumers who have been misled by faulty instructions.
The housing action trust offers tenants a range of choices in their new homes on door fittings, different styles of doors và windows, kitchen units and wardrobes.
In peace-time labour is returning và materials are more plentiful and exports are more profitable—very profitable—và shelves và wardrobes throughout the country are empty and people have sầu plenty khổng lồ buy.
The company offers a range of products such as beds, sofas, wardrobes, & dining aý muốn other furniture categories.
The house holds a large stage, wardrobes, a music library, storage facilities & seating for 200 - 250 people.

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to lớn laugh repeatedly in a quiet but uncontrolled way, often at something silly or rude or when you are nervous

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