Fifa online 3 ค้นหานักเตะ สโมสร fc barcelona


For those who are both fans of Barcelona and also a genuine FIFA Online 4 gamer, these types of squads cannot be ignored.

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Squad 1.

Gone are the golden days of Barca, despite possessing many attacking superstars, but Barca is currently the most difficult club in Fo4 because these factors are no longer suitable for the meta. That"s why, instead of "acting" your team with a "tiki taka" play like in the Fo3 era, Barca will now play in a more modern, muscular direction.


A Korean coach built a 42211 squad with a very nice +8 formation và if you think it"s good, you can completely learn how to lớn build this. The most notable innovation was that Koeman was promoted to CDM, taking on the role of the Dutch legend Rakitic - one of the world"s best defensive midfielders for a while.

Finally, the bottom row with the presence of one of the best central defenders in football history - Puyol, playing with him is French midfielder - Laurent Blanc.


Statistics of the Korean coach in the last 30 matches.


- Win 14, draw 0, thất bại 14 - win rate 53%

- Score: 2 goals/match

- Conceded :2.1 goals/match

- 35.8% shot success rate

- Ball possession rate 44.4%

- Distance lớn score 16.1m

- Successful passing of the ball 88.5%

Lineup 2

Next we will come to lớn a squad full of attacking superstars with Messi as the "leader". The tactic used is still 42211 with the appearance of Messi 22TY as an attacking midfielder, in midfield Rakitic will nói qua the fire with Xavi, these two midfielders play an extremely important role in shaping the game. Of the whole team.

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Because the defensive squad is a bit thin, the coach has built a play with the defense và the two CDMs both tend khổng lồ be deep.


Statistics of the coach who built this squad in the last 30 matches.


- Win 20, draw 0, thua thảm 10 - Rate 66.6%

- Score: 2.5 goals/match

- Conceded: 1.6 goals/match

- Hold the ball 49.5%

- 40.1% shot success rate

- Passing accuracy 91.3%

- Distance khổng lồ score 15.1m

Squad 3.

Those who are both Barca fans and also genuine Fo4 players understand that, recreating Barca"s football style in the golden years in the current meta is impossible. When playing the ball at high speed, it is often inaccurate to thua trận the ball lớn the opponent"s feet. Many coaches have boldly removed Messi from the squad & here is a type of squad that you can refer to.


The squad is built with a 4222 diagram, on the two wings, Pedro & Neymar will take on the task of reversing your team"s squad, these two players have the ability khổng lồ penetrate the wings very well, especially both legs are 5/ 5.

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This team-building coach has mix up DS1 for all players in the attack, thereby revealing the intention of pressing the game right on the opponent"s side, which is understandable because Barca has never been evaluated as a club with the highest potential. Good defense, their CDMs và CBs are always underrated in Fo4.