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a trò chơi by Exient Entertainment
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 nhận xét
User Rating: 6.2/10 - 9 votes
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If you’ve been a tín đồ of the long running and fully licensed football series FIFA, then we wager that you are at least somewhat area of it’s street football counterpart. Since it’s exodus, FIFA Street has been a series that has aimed khổng lồ offer the thrills & spills of freestyle football, along with a much more arcade like feel lớn the FIFA franchise. A feat that this series had mastered on not one, but two occasions lớn this point, so when FIFA Street 3 came khổng lồ be, the question on everyone’s lips was ‘is this trò chơi going khổng lồ be more of the same?’ Or was this trò chơi going to lớn pale in comparison.This game plays much lượt thích the conventional FIFA titles as well as FIFA Street và FIFA Street 2. However, the trò chơi also has similarities khổng lồ games like NBA Street, NFL Street and to some extent Super Mario Strikers. However, you may be wondering, does this game live up to the successes of their predecessors. We find out in our review of FIFA Street 3.


A Tired Concept

When the first FIFA Street title came to be, the mass appeal for the title game through the new concept the trò chơi offered, the cavalcade of Brazilian tricksters in the line-up like Rivaldo và Ronaldinho khổng lồ name a few. Plus the career mode that seen you grow your team from Premier League rejects lớn global phenomenon’s was truly scintillating, at least for a few hours. The second trò chơi managed khổng lồ carry on this trend all be it to lớn a lesser extent but the third sadly just can’t keep up appearances. I guess we should have known when Peter Crouch was one of the cover stars.The game play is basically the same as we have come to lớn expect from the series, the same lavish trickery doesn’t have the same effect the third time around & then to địa chỉ insult khổng lồ injury. The trò chơi takes away the money earning aspect of the story mode. Instead the player will complete challenges lớn unlock players. It sounds fine on paper, but when you realise that this just means more games, staler chơi game and more repetitive experiences, you become aware that this was a regrettable decision.

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Tries khổng lồ Mix it Up

The trò chơi does try khổng lồ offer new & interesting features despite the familiar format và in some respects, it succeeds. The game adds features like playground picks which adds a certainly màn chơi of reliability to lớn the games. It’s lượt thích picking teams for a trò chơi of jumpers for goalposts & the novelty isn’t lost on us at all.

The Verdict

Plus the game offers online functionality, something that the predecessors just couldn’t on the same scale. It’s nice that you could match up with other tricky individuals & have it off in a no holds barred matchup.


However, when the game play is so stale và predictable, the ability to cốt truyện that kind of experience with others just seems a little cruel and a waste of everyone’s time.

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Overall, FIFA Street 3 is a predictable & tired iteration in the series. It does have some new ideas but sadly not anywhere near enough. Not lớn mention the fact that it does away with some great ones from past games. The chip core concept is still there so there is still some fun lớn be had but it gets old really quick. We wish this trò chơi would have dared khổng lồ shake things up a little more. However, it played things safe and safe decisions leads to lớn average games.


Wide range of real-world playersSome new trò chơi modesOnline functionality


Fails khổng lồ change lacking aspects and changes some that needed lớn stayThe chơi game is tired và predictable