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An assortment of tacky, garage-sale-quality paintings clutter up her living room walls, and the coffee tables are almost concealed by stacks of dog-eared paperback books.
I left the store not only disappointed in the tacky designs being offered, but also the lack of diversity.
Drug cartels have even carried over some of the tacky luxury into death with elaborate bulletproof tombs.
Despite all the tacky attempts at censorship, it wasn"t the art world"s most shameful decade (it wasn"t great enough for that).
Apple, for its part, has had trouble with finding a balance, gravitating between tacky and nonsensical.
Most zoos, with their amusement park rides, water parks and tacky gift shops neither educate nor enlighten the masses about conservation or animal cruelty.
Compared to its tacky siblings, real umbrage can be a dignified and bracing thing -- both in nonfiction and fiction.
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the process of stopping or reducing carbon gases, especially carbon dioxide, being released into the atmosphere as the result of a process, for example the burning of fossil fuels

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