a narrow, thin shape with a sharp point at one end, or something, especially a piece of metal, with this shape:

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a set of short, pointed pieces of metal or plastic, attached to the bottom of shoes worn for particular sports, that stop the person wearing the shoes from sliding on the ground, or shoes with these pointed pieces:

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to put a drug in someone"s drink to make them unconscious, extremely tired, or unable to function normally :
to inject a drug into someone"s body (= put it in using a needle) to make them unconscious, extremely tired, or unable to function normally:
in the sport of volleyball, to hit the ball so that it goes almost straight down on the other side of the net
in the sport of American football, to throw the ball straight down to the ground, especially after scoring a touchdown (= carrying or throwing the ball over the other team"s goal line):
a long metal nail used to hold something in place, or a shape that is long and narrow and comes to a point at one end:
Spikes are also pointed pieces of metal fixed on the bottom of special shoes, used in some sports to catch in the ground and prevent falling or sliding, or the shoes themselves.
A spike is also a sudden increase, often shown on a graph (= type of drawing) by a long, narrow shape that comes to a point at the top:

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It is thus possible to draw the range of spike length for which oscillation occurred against shoulder radius (figure 3).
The spike trains of neurons in sensory systems are certainly correlated with the structure of sensory input.
Transmission at the retino-geniculate synapse in cats is influenced by the structure of pre- and postsynaptic spike trains.
The response variability of the simulated spike trains generated according to this model was then calculated in the same way as for the real data.




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