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With season one just ended a few months baông xã now Solo Levelling is in its 2nd season. Ten years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the boss khủng world opened. People received powers lớn hunt monsters within the Gate. People who hunt the monsters are known as “Hunters”. Not all hunters are powerful as Sung Jin-Woo, who is an E-rank Hunter.

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Sung Jin-Woo with no skills he earned he required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons. During his battle, he was about to lớn accept death, suddenly he received a strange power. It becomes a quest log that he only could see, a secret lớn leveling up. He is the only one who knows about it. He thinks if trained so hard in accordance with his quests & hunted monsters, his màn chơi would rise. That will change him from the weakest Hunter to lớn the strongest S-rank Hunter .This post is about the Solo Leveling Chapter 114 pnhận xét, và a recap of the last chapter. Make sure to be careful of spoilers when you continue. You may come across the spoilers of upcoming chapter 114, so you don’t lượt thích them you can skip them. Take a look at the schedule of Solo Leveling season 2 below .

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 114 will be released this upcoming week, as of now, we are not sure about the date. As soon as we confirm the weekly schedule of this manga we will keep you updated. Allow me khổng lồ take you khổng lồ more new updates below.

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Previously on Solo Leveling Chapter 113

Sung Jin-Woo decides to do their training at the associations of Gymnasium he wants to lớn piông xã up the strongest summon for Ju-Hee. He also wants to thử nghiệm if two people can move sầu using the exchange shadow skills. Ju-Hee wants to leave using the door và Sung Jin-Woo calls her back. He told her that they are going lớn use the easier way lớn get to lớn their location. He told her lớn hold hyên tight & he exchanges shadow with her.

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Sung Jin-Woo decides lớn take Ju-Hee somewhere for training he uses his power lớn teleport them lớn the location of training. They managed to reach the location of their training. When they reach there Sung Jin-Woo notice that the shadow exchange still works like a gate. He has proven it by moving his partner khổng lồ reach the training. They both went khổng lồ look for a weapon that Ju-Hee will use for sparring.

Ju-Hee manages khổng lồ get the weapon & she is ready. Sing Jin-Woo summons his best swordsman & he told Ju-Hee lớn fight until the summon gives up. Since Ju-Hee said weapons don’t matter Sin Jin-Woo gave he summon a powerful sword. Ju-Hee is now in combat with the sumtháng & Sung Jin is watching her skills .

She manages lớn defeat the sumtháng & tell Sing Jin-Woo khổng lồ bring out his svào summon Beru. Beru is about to lớn be summoned and he asks if she will be able lớn handle the sumtháng.

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As of now, there is no official website for you to read Solo Leveling manga trực đường, it is available on Kakao Page Magazine, so you can tư vấn the creator by buying the magazine. We highly advise you khổng lồ support the official release as it supports the creators .