Scared đi cùng với giới tự gì? kết cấu và biện pháp dùng Scared như vậy nào? chắc chắn rằng là câu hỏi chung của rất nhiều người. Để đọc hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng tương tự cách áp dụng “Scared” trong giờ Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng search hiểu cụ thể ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

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Scared đi cùng với giới từ gì? cấu trúc và giải pháp dùng Scared

Scared nghĩa là gì?

Tính từBị hoảng sợ

a very scared manmột fan rất nhát gan

“Scared” là tính từ mang nghĩa bị động, có nghĩa là cảm thấy thấp thỏm do ai hoặc mẫu gì. Tính từ này sử dụng để bộc lộ sự hãi của người hay đụng vật.

Ví dụ:

She is scared of toads.

(Cô ấy sợ con cóc.)

I am scared of telling Mike what really happened.

(Tôi sợ đề nghị nói cùng với Mike phần đông gì thực sự đang xảy ra.)

I get scared when I have khổng lồ face him.

(Tôi thấp thỏm khi phải đương đầu với anh ấy.)

The child was truly scared by the threat of the man on the road.

(Đứa con trẻ thực sự khiếp sợ trước lời rình rập đe dọa của người bầy ông trên đường.)

The accident just happened that made everyone around you feel scared.

(Vụ tai nạn thương tâm vừa xảy ra khiến mọi người xung quanh đều thấy sợ hãi.)

Kỹ thuật chungNghĩa chuyên ngành

lớp kẹp pirit mỏng dính (trong vỉa than)

Các trường đoản cú liên quan

Từ đồng nghĩaadjectiveafraid , aghast , anxious , fearful , having cold feet , panicked , panicky , panic-stricken , petrified , shaken , startled , terrified , terror-stricken , alarmed , frightened

Từ trái nghĩaadjectiveconfident , encouraged , unafraid

Scared đi cùng với giới tự gì?

scared + of

That’s nothing lớn be scared of.

scared + to death

Well, he is scared to death of riding someone on his xe đạp so I knew he was really hurt.

scared + about

I feel very scared about it all.

scared + by

Everyone were scared by medicine.

scared + for

I am very scared for all of us.

scared + at

I am scared at going again.

Mức độ phổ biến của giới tự theo sau scared

In 72% of cases scared of is used

But I’d not scared of them now.

I am just scared of the change.

People are so scared of the unknown, even if we’re pretty confident it will be better.

I remember thinking there was not much point in being scared of the nuclear potential.

How dare you be single, it’s that sort of tone! I used khổng lồ be scared of that word once.

FactCheckForever: 13 Nov 2012 4:46:25pm It’s amazing how the right wing are now running scared of the fact checkers.

They wont make the same mistake twice will they? unfortuanately everybody is scared of offending someone these days.

Do not be scared of the few policemen under those trees who are holding their rifles high in the air for you to lớn see.

A, I am scared of the pain & B, I am a little bit embarrassed about getting all my body toàn thân parts out for them, ha ha.

In 6% of cases scared to lớn is used

But I’d scared to lớn death of LSU.

I too am scared to death lớn fly.

These kids were scared khổng lồ death.

He arrived in a mixed aged class with an NQT who basically was scared khổng lồ death of him.

These bred animals are not provoked and scared khổng lồ death on purpose lượt thích those dolphins.

I’ve known many affiliates who were just too scared lớn part with their money & never made more than $50 in profit.

I was fascinated by it but I was scared to lớn death of the beating I’d get if I messed with it, so I too left it alone.

He’s the one who ended it by the way! và he could have approached me at the tiệc ngọt but was too scared to or whatever.

Is it that you are scared to? The fact is that the decisions of other nations on this planet are beyond your control.

In 5% of cases scared about is used

I feel very scared about it all.

He wasn’t scared about losing $5.

I’d scared about later life, lượt thích sex.

I did scarves and trang chủ made liquors last year & I’d scared about trying much new.

Mary is scared about her future, her children’s future, and her community’s future.

I am scared about the fact that the Earth will enter the Dark Rift in the Milky Way.

They were so scared about the forces external lớn them that quite a few of them actually cut off all ties from me.

How can one concentrate và study when there is this much noise? We’re scared about what’ll happen in the future.

What I was most scared about was that people would talk about the end and I wouldn’t be able to keep a lid on it.

I can’t stop crying because I’d scared of losing my boyfriend but I’d also scared about disappointing my parents.

In 4% of cases scared for is used

I haven’t been scared for life.

Wht vì I do?? I’m scared for him.

In the end, realised that I was scared for nothing và the car is now sparking clean.

It makes no sense &; it is making people lượt thích me feel very scared for the near future.

My aunt was scared for my safety & she arranged for me khổng lồ travel to another country.

They pass through the seedy parts of cities where both the riders & the tư vấn crew are scared for their safety.

Some people scared for poor chất lượng or plagiarized work that they may get if they asked someone to write their paper.

Initially scared for using magic outside the school, he is pleasantly surprised that he won’t be penalized after all.

I am very scared for Kenzi with the weird arm stuff – perhaps she should just cut down the whole darn tree next time.

In 3% of cases scared by is used

Everyone were scared by medicine.

I vị hope you’re not scared by it.

But I wasn’t scared by the situation.

I walked straight back the the entrance after getting scared by the third scare actor.

But at that time, I hadn’t written the book yet & I was scared by the taboo around it.

In one, shoppers in a mall were scared by a stranger touching their shoulder from behind.

Michael Myers is a super-technical horror fan; he is one of those weird people who don’t get scared by scary movies.

The PNP is running scared by the public’s response to the manifesto and the most recent Don Anderson’s polls result.

Then Carys went to lớn sleep & you were scared by a couple of weepies? Aw, poor BHB, come on over here và have a cuddle.

Yet if we stand still against a certain thing but still get scared by another, we cant say that we have complete courage.

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In 2% of cases scared at is used

They were scared at the blacks.

But I am scared at going again.

I appreciate và am scared at this.

Or because I feel powerless or scared at one moment or other, nearly every day of my life.

She can easily hold a living snake in her hands, but she gets scared at the sight of mice.

I tried my best during filming, so I wasn’t scared at all on doing the humiliating scenes.

Seriously though I think you have hit a nerve with those who are scared at the very thought of a wengerless arsenal.

He called her cell but she didn’t reply, he got angry and scared at the same time that something might have happened.

During the time of the war there were kiểm tra points in Colombo & I must say I was scared at times with bad meomories.

A total blow-off man! Rating 7/10 for I certainly got scared at some points of the movie và good story but the ending.

In 1% of cases scared from is used

Opposition is scared from Imran Khan.

The Mullahs are scared from the People.

You were scared from the moment you got there.

One &Other; is not running scared from digital và social media: they’ve embraced it.

First he runs scared from the Faculty of Advocates, now he constantly runs away from Blair Jenkins.

THe current president and his clanish advisors are all scared from politicians hailing from Puntland.

Not that you should get scared from traveling abroad but you must know the dos and don’ts while making a Tour abroad.

Know it will be beeyooteefull! & this is why I’d still running scared from swatching for my Bombshell (Big Girl Knits).

I don’t ‘ believe we are born into this world just khổng lồ run scared from love, wear nice clothes, & pay our bills on time.

And the Engineer who wake up was so scared from Xenos, that he had to lớn kill all humans on the planet to protect other ships.

In 1% of cases scared in is used

Everybody is scared in the school.

I’ve never played scared in my life.

Sadr is now running scared in Najaf.

I’ve honestly never been so scared in all my life, I know it scared my Mother as well.

TMZ notes that he was the only thành viên of the group who wasn’t scared in the slightest.

And random food wouldn’t be left lonely và scared in the dark back areas of my pantry.

One thing I remember clearly was him saying Zain Ghana has so much network capacity, they are scared in a positive way.

So for my first few fights I was still feeling very nervous và sometimes even scared in the ring for my first few fights.

Lee Joon just nods along with a mocking expression as she continues khổng lồ lay out her threats, clearly not scared in the least.

Right now, administrators are simply running scared in many places, which inevitably strikes fear into faculty và students.

In 1% of cases scared off is used

Bottom Line I admit I am scared off fire.

This scared off potential suitors such as Manchester City.

Garbages all over, even mosquitos are not scared off all out.

The wave of anti-Marcos demonstrations in the country that followed scared off tourists.

To newbies: Don’t read the other threads and get scared off thinking it is a dangerous place.

Girls are easily scared off electricity, materials and forces, equations và weighty concepts.

Traders are betting on economic increases a year or two out & get scared off when they hear another bad news story.

Johnson’s screams seemingly scared off the men, causing them to escape by jumping over the walls of her neighbor’s home.

It makes me feel sad lớn think that there may be families out there who read posts and comments on this blog và are scared off Catholic schooling.

With the exception of the Champion Stakes on Saturday, và the Juddmonte International before that, he’s scared off most of the opposition this season.

In 1% of cases scared out is used

Boy was scared out of his mind.

But I was scared out of my mind.

I was just scared out of my wits.

He would’ve been absolutely scared out of his mind, but not threatening nor dangerous.

But at that time, I don’t even know what is going on, so, i was scared out of my wits.

The xe taxi driver (Leon?) was scared out of his mind-who killed him? Certainly not Vagn.

Untold numbers of people I talked lớn were scared out of their pants at the prospect of another Obama term in office.

Now crying with abandon and frankly scared out of my wits, I drove east, took the first exit, & turned around again.

You’re pregnant and, although you want to be a mom more than anything in the world, you’re also scared out of your wits.

Me and my sisters (4 và 8 years younger) listened to them constantly and were scared out of our little minds by Genesis.

In 1% of cases scared with is used

Were scared with this incident.

I’d scared with you, but we’re together.

Baba I am scared with things going on in office.

Who knows????? Nolan did say that he is scared with the whole part 3? s in trilogy’s.

PS: I got scared with the Robert Pattison one, I believe it was the 5th post you made.

I was scared with sweaty palms because this was my first real business-like experience.

I must also say I got really scared with all this talk about dry sockets và holes that food can get trapped into.

At the beginning people made me really scared with the malaria issue and stuff like that, but that’s part of the game.

If things are getting heavy and you feel uncomfortable or scared with someone then make an excuse to lớn get away from them.

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Yeah và that mangy old tabby cát is running scared with development coming after it & not going after development as it should.