realme ui 4.0

real Intuitive Icons

For a more realistic and vivid visual experience, we’ve introduced a new phối of icons that feel more intuitive phàn nàn ever. More phàn nàn 30 icons have been redesigned to tát bring greater detail and depth, with enriched colours and a more youthful colours palette bringing a more vibrant vibe.

Card-styled Layout

Flat, scattered information is now categorized into a new card-styled layout. Like a phối of containers of different sizes carrying different types of information, the new layout brings a new lightness to tát the overall software experience.

Text and controls are placed together for clearer and more direct access, helping you quickly locate the feature you want and reduce information overload. And for a smoother visual effect, we’ve even smoothened the appearance of widgets to tát make them more fun to tát look at.

Get into Character with Omoji

Omoji, your favorite virtual avatar, now supports 79 new facial features, allowing you to tát express yourself in more ways phàn nàn ever. Put your personality on display with a wider variety of facial shapes, skin tones, makeup styles, hairstyles, and accessories. You’ll also be able to tát show off your cultural background in more ways phàn nàn ever, sánh that your virtual ID can be truly your own and perfectly reflect who you are.*

Smart Music AOD

"real Fun" is Always-On. You can now enjoy and switch between your favorite playlists on Spotify without even unlocking your screen. With your music playing directly on your Always-On Display, now you can just double-tap the AOD to tát turn the Music Player into an interactive panel, opening up a range of controls and even recommended playlists. Play back, pause, play forward, and switch between playlists more seamlessly phàn nàn ever.*

Insight AOD

Insight AOD gives you a vibrant representation of your screen time throughout the span of your day, recording and mapping out all your locks and unlocks on a colours bar. Insight AOD is a fun and seamless way to tát keep up with your digital wellbeing.

Dynamic Computing Engine

Based on the latest Android 13, realme UI 4.0 is built upon a new computing power model to tát ensure computing resources from hardware are accurately scheduled, in order to tát achieve a balance between high performance and low power consumption.*

performance increased by


Maximum temperature reduced by


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Battery life
during gaming increased by


Multiple apps running simultaneously


Quantum Animation Engine 4.0

The next-gen Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 predicts your gestures and the way you use them more intelligently phàn nàn ever. Gestures will now feel more natural and responsive, with the ability to tát even predict the gestures you wish to tát withdraw.

Large Folders

Large Folders is a super efficient way to tát organize your apps on your trang chính screen. Unlike with typical small folders, Large Folders allows you to tát scroll through and open apps without even opening the thư mục. Simplicity meets productivity!

Home Screen Widgets

Widgets can now be added to tát the trang chính screen for personalized information display and a more dynamic layout. trang chủ Screen Widgets allow in-app messages (weather, calendar, step counter, clock, calendar, etc.) to tát be displayed real-time on the trang chính screen with easy access.

Multi-screen Connect

Multi-screen Connect brings next-level multitasking to tát your realme devices. For improved cross-device interaction, you can seamlessly transmit between your realme phone and realme tablet or compatible PC, with a wide variety of tệp tin formats supported. The best part?*

Auto Pixelate

Auto Pixelate is the smartest way to tát share your chats and screenshots. With just a single click, Auto Pixelate will identify and automatically pixelate personal information in screenshots, sánh you won’t have to tát manually go in and edit them any longer.*

Private Safe

The newly-upgraded Private Safe in realme UI 4.0 uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to tát store your personal photos, music, videos, documents, and more with a highly secure lock, providing you with a full range of privacy protection services.

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