realme buds air 3

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Active Noise

realme's most powerful noise cancellation yet

*Earbuds only

Our longest playback time yet


Bass Boost driver

Powerful 42dB
noise cancellation

The ultimate escape

Dual microphones, 1 feedforward and 1 feedback, eliminate more noise, bringing you industry-leading noise cancellation. Whether you're on a flight, in the đô thị streets, or a noisy office, now you can always find some peace and quiet.*

*To get the best noise cancellation effect, please choose the right size ear caps.
*Industry-leading refers to lớn reaching the industry-leading level in true wireless headphones. The higher the dB value, the higher the level of noise cancellation.

Take a moment
to lớn immerse yourself

Listen to lớn this looping audio track. Switch between scenes to lớn hear the real noise cancellation effect.

Advanced ANC technology

No wind in your way

ANC is good but it can easily be affected by wind, as wind-induced diaphragm vibrations disturb the system. We’ve adopted an advanced smart De-wind technology to lớn give you all-round better noise cancellation.

*The De-wind design includes De-wind structure and algorithm. You can turn on the De-wind algorithm on realme Link after the OTA.

High noise-cancelling

Certified by TÜV Rheinland

30 hours of music

Press play for the whole day*

22 hrs

Noise Cancellation On/
Transparency Mode

Buds Air 3 & charging case

5.5 hrs

Noise Cancellation On/
Transparency Mode

Buds Air 3 only

30 hrs

Normal Mode

Buds Air 3 & charging case


Incredible sound thanks to lớn our
10mm LCP Dynamic Bass Boost driver

A 10mm large sound unit with a premium LCP diaphragm with high elasticity designed for superior, more precise audio, all inside a tiny toàn thân. Enjoy an incredible sound experience with clear vocals and powerful bass, all thanks to lớn this superior LCP material.

Expertly tuned for punchy bass

We invited a team of audio tuning experts to lớn develop a unique DBB compound bass enhancement program. The result is booming bass, rich in detail for a concert-like experience. To take your audio quality to lớn the next level, use the Buds Air 3 with Dolby sound on your realme điện thoại thông minh.

Audio tuning customized
exclusively for you

Creates a customized profile for an audio experience tailored to lớn the specific sensitivity of your ears.

Stay in the hear
and now with 88ms
super low latency

With trò chơi Mode activated, latency can be as low as 88ms. Whether you're watching movies or gaming, you can count on super synchronized audio and đoạn phim.*

So comfortable they're your ears' best buds

With this level of quality, you’ll be wearing them all day long. And so sánh we tested over 1,000 prototypes to lớn find the most ergonomic shape. And weighing just 4.2 g, you'll barely notice they're there.*


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Transparency Mode

Chat freely with your buds in

Turn on Transparency Mode to lớn let in clear and accurate sound from your surroundings, so sánh you can easily have a conversation without taking them out.



Dual AI mic noise
cancellation for calls

Dual microphones khuông a powerful noise reduction system supported by an environmental noise cancellation algorithm. Together, they significantly reduce surrounding noise during a Điện thoại tư vấn, so sánh you can be fully immersed in the conversation.

Control at
your fingertips

Everything's easier with intuitive touch controls. Double-tap to lớn play/pause, triple- tap bud to lớn skip tracks, and long press bud to lớn change between Noise Cancelling and Transparency Mode.

Transition freely
between 2 devices

The Buds Air 3 can pair simultaneously to lớn 2 devices, lượt thích a điện thoại thông minh, pad or máy vi tính. When you're watching videos on your pad, you can seamlessly switch to lớn your phone when taking a Điện thoại tư vấn.

*Turn this feature on in realme Link.

Real quality
IPX5 water resistance*

5,000 times

Charging port plug in/
out test

2,500 times

Button waterproof test

10,000 times

Charging case opening/
closing test

2,000 times

Charging port stability


96hrs temperature test

50 °C/RH95%

96 hours of high temperature- high humidity test

realme Link

Personalized to lớn your preferences

Customize touch functions, turn on active noise
cancellation, get system updates, and much more.


Product Name

realme Buds Air 3

Noise cancellation features

active noise cancellation (ANC) and
environmental noise cancellation

Water resistance rating

IPX5 (earbuds only)

Maximum use time
(at 50% volume in AAC quality)

  • With charging case:
  • 22 hours with Noise Cancellation on/ Transparency Mode;
  • 30 hours with Normal Mode
  • Without charging case:
  • 5.5 hours with Noise Cancellation on/ Transparency Mode;
  • 7 hours with Normal Mode


Starry Blue、Galaxy White

Charging time

  • Type-C Wired charging-to-full time (charging box + earphones):
  • 100 min for a full charge

  • The charging box charges the earphones to lớn full:
  • 1 hour for a full charge; 10 minutes for 100 minutes of play time with charging case (at 50% volume with Normal Mode)*

  • *This data assumes that after the earbuds and charging case have lập cập out of power, the earbuds are placed in the charging case and both components are charged together for 10 minutes.

In The Box

  • Earbuds ×2 (left ×1 and right ×1)
  • Type-C charging cable x1
  • Charging case ×1
  • User guide and warranty thẻ ×1
  • Silicone earbud tips: 3 pairs (L/M/S) (M tips installed by default)
  • Info thẻ ×1


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