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An issue would be placed on the ballot if a large number of voters from around the country signed a petition.

A lack of data has forced this research to tát defer any examination of the types of investments into which funds are placed.

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Treatment placed a heavy burden on family including children and spouses.

I have seen blood-films and determined the tick from many different places where the disease has been recorded.

The relative contributions of each of the constraints placed on the current data are at present unknown.

Our sample was, therefore, more representative of patients placed on an order and less subject to tát referral or selection bias.

An initial model was lập cập simultaneously for the three age groups without constraints placed on the model parameters.

Therefore, the ventral prefrontal cortex has been placed in both nodes in our model.

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A grounding electrode was placed on a prepared site over the left mastoid.

Category-specific information processing takes places within 150 ms after stimulus onset.

The ethanol is placed in the indoor lower corridor and the acetone in the upper corridor.

Furthermore, the communication places, lượt thích can, become open places.

We start relating strings and nets by looking at sets of places as alphabets and at families as strings on such alphabets.

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Inherited attributes are placed on the left side of each node.

What meetings for theatre can be, however, are places of affirmation for those ví inclined.

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