How khổng lồ fix Lost Connection to trò chơi Server in Overwatch 2 (Image via

Overwatch 2 received minor updates as the publishers are trying to lớn fix all issues permanently. After the latest update, players are facing a problem that prevents them from connecting to the server.

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OW 2 was finally released globally by Blizzard Entertainment. However, the game is off khổng lồ a rocky start, và new obstacles seem to lớn be around the corner. Blizzard is looking lớn extend the legacy with their latest title, which started in 2016 with the first Overwatch release in the esports scene.


Overwatch 2 has been plagued with errors và bugs since the trò chơi was released. It has been a constant itch that has driven the entire community to lớn the edge. Such peculiar hệ thống issues are bound to create repercussions, và fans are questioning Blizzard"s efforts on permanent fixes.

However, it is important to lớn understand if the issue persists on the user"s or publisher’s end. Understanding the root cause can help eliminate unnecessary efforts to fix it that could make the case worse.

Check hệ thống status

Players can head lớn the official Blizzard page to check if the Overwatch 2 servers are working. If the servers have been taken offline by Blizzard for maintenance or updates, then there is no point in trying to connect to the game.

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Check network status


Players should kiểm tra their internet connection as well. A quick method to determine that the user’s network connectivity is working as expected is by running a diagnostic on the mạng internet connection. This will troubleshoot any existing issues affecting mạng internet connectivity.

Resetting internet

Players can try restarting their internet modem and router. This will clear some of the caches and overheating that might have previously dampened the connection. It is recommended to use a wired mạng internet connection rather than Wi-Fi khổng lồ get the most stable network.

Add Overwatch 2 to lớn Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall prohibits some applications from accessing the network in some cases. Players should địa chỉ Overwatch 2 to lớn the Firewall so that Windows can let the game run without hiccups. Fans can follow the steps below to showroom the game to the Firewall.

Go lớn the “Firewall & Network Protection” from “Windows Security.”Click “Allow an phầm mềm through Firewall.”Locate the “Overwatch 2 files” in the list.If the title is not included in the list, click “Change Settings.”Click on “Add Another App.”Browse for Overwatch 2 executable file in the local installation destination and then showroom the game to the Exception list.

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These methods are inconsistent & can work for some, while not for others. If the problem persists, raise a tư vấn ticket to the Blizzard tư vấn Team. This is a major issue and Blizzard should be working on a fix. Fans can further keep an eye out on Blizzard’s Twitter handle lớn stay updated about the status of the fix.