Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy


The Walking Variants

One of the very first PC games I ever played was a dungeon crawler. It was called MadMaze, a title released on 1989, playable on the Prodigy mạng internet service — yep, it was during the dialup era.

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While crawlers may not be one of my go-to genres anymore, I’ve always had an affinity towards them, & I was particularly excited khổng lồ see the Japanese market adapt và protect them all these years (with classics lượt thích Etrian Odyssey), when western support started khổng lồ wane.Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy may have some flaws, but it’s the latest in a long line of serviceable adventures.


Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy(PlayStation TV, Vita )Developer: Experience Inc.Publisher: MAGES, 5pb. Games (JP) / NIS America (EU, NA)MSRP: $39.99Release Date: July 24, năm trước (Japan) / June 5, 2015 (EU) / June 9, năm ngoái (NA)

Operation Abyss opens up with a bang — your character has just woken up in the “gloomy darkness,” next lớn multiple severed, bloodied bodies. Holy shit, right? It gets a little bit goofier from there, as a hooded man suddenly appears & tells you “basically, you’ve been kidnapped,” as an army of half-human zombie monsters attack. You’re immediately offered a choice: trust the man or not, which doesn’t really end up mattering. Then a Magical Girl shows up và fights a giant crocodile. It pretty much never lets up from here.

New Tokyo Legacyis set in a near-future version of Japan. Those creatures? They’re called Variants, & it’s up to the government-funded Code Physics Agency, which you’ve just been forcefully inducted into, to save the day. It must be said, if the silly intro wasn’t any indication, the art for the trò chơi is incredible, và full of life. A lot of scenes may feature static portraits, và the dungeon designs might be on the bland side, but the art style (and by proxy, the main cast) is always colorful & interesting.

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Likewise, the darker elements of the trò chơi are just that — dark. Creatures look suitably horrific, the narrative can go darker when it needs to, và on occasion, I was straight-up creeped out. There’s also a ton of weird story elements lượt thích the blood of Florence Nightingale, Leonardo da Vinci, và Hanzo Hattori used for “Blood Codes,” lớn gain abilities and special powers. No one can say that Tokyo Legacyisn’t unique.

Like most lengthy dungeon crawler experiences (this one is roughly 40 hours), it takes about six hours of walking until it takes off sprinting, & by then I was sucked into the world. Dungeons aren’t obtuse, but as previously mentioned, they are on the bland side. After about 10 hours of play some of them started to blend together, and there isn’t enough indication on-screen lớn denote hidden areas or locations of interest. I definitely don’t want a streamlined “go here” indicator, it would just be nice if there was an inkling of uniqueness khổng lồ the dungeons, since everything else is painstakingly crafted.

There’s lots of customization involved, including equipment and ability choices và statline tweaking. In terms of choicesin relation khổng lồ the narrative, there’s not a whole lot here. This is an old school dungeon crawler through và through, and although there are some light forks in the road, none of them are emotional or engaging. Your key plan here is to lớn go and defeat monsters to lớn further the overarching story — not your personal one. That’s partially because each playthrough uses randomly generated characters, which can be customized, but don’t necessarily play any real role. That extends to a lack of any real lãng mạn element, since your buổi tiệc nhỏ is essentially a collective.

Unlike Demon Gaze, Operation Abyss‘ recent predecessor, Legacyis a bit more forgiving. For instance, you can now go freely back lớn your base if you wish, which is where you’ll cấp độ up và sort through your massive inventory. The good news is that there’s no “rent” or statistical hit to lớn worry about, và if you’re having trouble, heading back to rest up isn’t a terrible idea. There’s still a lot of menus to wade through and stats lớn painstakingly tweak back and forth, but it’s more accessible than a lot of other crawlers since it doesn’t penalize you at every turn. Because of that thiết kế decision though, it loses a bit of its edge.

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Despite the fact thatOperation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy can be a bit by-the-numbers inside dungeons, it’s anything but in nearly every other facet of the game. While I probably won’t be rushing to complete it again anytime soon, it was a lengthy enough adventure that will stay fresh in my mind for some time.