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One Piece: 7 Reasons Why Luffy Should End Up With Boa Hancochồng (và 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Nami) Fans love sầu to ship the characters of One Piece together. Here"s a look at some reasons why Luffy would be better with Boa, & why it should be Nangươi.

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Per creator Eiichiro Oda"s own admission, romance và shipping are not huge focuses for One Piece. While the series may not thrive sầu on the idea of "romance," that doesn"t mean that there aren"t signs. As the series has gone on, it has teased some possible relationships between its main cast, namely the main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

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It"s just customary for the main character to lớn have a possible afterword for the series" conclusion, and fans have dreamed for years who he would be spending those years with. As of this writing, there have been two consistent prospects for Luffy"s love sầu life: the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancochồng, and the Straw Hats" own navigator và resident Cat Burglar, Nangươi. This danh mục will be breaking down a few reasons why either could be Luffy"s Pirate Queen.

Updated On June, 30th 2021 By Anthony Mazzuca: As time has gone on, fans are no closer to finding out who Luffy will end up with as Odomain authority has been true to lớn his word of having romance take a baông xã seat to the story he wants to lớn tell. That hasn"t stopped fans from shipping Luffy with other characters, Boa và Nami still remaining the two most comtháng choices.

One easy thing that could help Boa Hancoông xã stand alongside Luffy, in the kết thúc, is the pure fact that she has the strength to literally st& alongside him during battle. Boa Hancoông chồng is from Amazon Lily, a community of Amazonian women whose leadership and social standings are based purely on strength.

As the island"s ruler, Boa Hancoông chồng is the strongest of them all, bolstering both the Love-Love Fruit và amazing Haki. If these two were to get together, they"d be the ultimate power couple.

13 Nami: Has The Brains To Help Cover For Luffy"s Faults

While Boa Hancoông chồng has a clear edge in power, Nami more than makes up for things with brains. People say that opposites attract and that typically means making up for the weaknesses of one"s significant other. Luffy has plenty of strength, but his greachạy thử weakness has always been his brains. In comes the scientist/world-class thief.

On a practical màn chơi, Nami has the street smarts necessary for maintaining a good lifestyle after Luffy becomes Pirate King. At a more macro màn chơi, Nangươi has academic knowledge that can more than compensate for Luffy"s real-world gaps.

Boa Hancoông xã From One Piece
Status may not mean a whole lot lớn Luffy & the gang, but it can still give a slight edge to Boa Hancoông xã. While Luffy is pursuing a career to become Pirate King, he"s found himself within the current discussion of becoming an Emperor.

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With that title in mind, aesthetic symmetry dictates that the Pirate Empress would be his perfect match. Whether they"re coming together in name or just decide to lớn combine their kingdoms in the future, it"s easy to lớn see Luffy and Boa comfortably sitting on twin thrones.

11 Nami: Helps Captain His Ship và Is His Right-Hvà Woman

While Boa Hancoông xã may sit as an Amazonian empress, that may not mean much lớn a pirate lượt thích Luffy, who openly dismisses any such authority. However, if there"s one figurehead that he can"t ignore, it"s the person truly running the show on the Thousvà Sunny. Luffy runs the crew through conceptual input đầu vào, simply saying "Yes" or "No" to general ideas for the adventure.

Nangươi comes in khổng lồ actually makes those plans happen, providing direct orders to every member of the crew to lớn actually get everyone, on và off the ship, headed into lớn the right direction. While Luffy và Boa could be a power couple in the future, he và Namày are already one today.

One of the major things that had Boa Hancochồng fall for Luffy in the first place was discovering his assault on Saint Charloss. Adding on top his empirical selflessness, Boa Hancock found perhaps the one man in the world that she could finally trust, opening up an entire flood gate of emotions.

Luffy, on the other hvà, has grown lớn hate nobles và spoiled people ever since he was just a child và can find a kinship with Boa Hancochồng because of it. Here"s to lớn them overthrowing the corrupted regime together.

9 Nami: They Feel Like A Fated Partnership

While there are some personal similarities between Luffy và Boa, the story of One Piece has subtly established the idea that he and Nami are just meant to be. Early in the series, Luffy and Nami happened to lớn lock eyes after getting caught up in a pirate raid.

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Since then, the series has provided plenty of screen time of the two being together, at least, in comparison to the other Straw Hats. Whether it"s Arlong Park, Skypeia, or Punk Hazard, Luffy and Nami often find themselves together during an adventure.

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Much like other Shonen Jump anime of its age, One Piece took a lot after the seminal battle series, Dragon Ball. This includes everything from Akira Toriyama"s hunt for a MacGuffin to lớn the spirited and gluttonous main character.

Another similarity that the two series could giới thiệu could be having its main characters marry a warrior princess of a strange land. Goku began a lifelong relationship with Chi-Chi during Dragon Ball"s early years, and Luffy could reflect this with Boa Hancoông xã.

7 Nami: Their Ages Have Less Of A Gap

Small age gaps are negligible when it comes lớn shipping, but it"s a little steeper when it comes to lớn shipping Luffy & Boa. Boa Hancock is actually 31 in the story, twelve years older than Luffy"s 19.

On the other hand, Namày is just đôi mươi. It"s difficult to gauge romances in anime by just using age difference, but Namày is closer lớn Luffy"s age group & that is certainly a relevant point lớn consider in terms of their compatibility.

While Namày may be a comrade on Luffy"s ship, Boa Hancochồng is a colleague of his as a pirate captain. To an extent, that means that these two bởi vì tóm tắt some ambition và history as leaders.

From an aesthetic point of view, this shows some kinship that Nami can only be a stranger unless she starts her own crew after the series. If there was going to be a grvà pirate empire in the future, it could be lead by these two experienced captains.

5 Nami: Has A Far Deeper History With Luffy, Having Known Him For Longer

Namày has known Luffy longer, something Boa can"t compete with. To be fair, Boa Hancochồng was cđại bại khổng lồ Luffy over the time-skip which is longer than Luffy"s adventure with the Straw Hats but much of that time had hyên training in isolation.

On the other hvà, Luffy has known Nangươi longer than most people in the crew, & Nami was one of the first people that he ever got to lớn see after he first left his hometown. This means that these two have sầu shared plenty of adventures & tears together, developing a deep relationship that would be hard for Boa Hancock lớn keep up with.

While there is a cấp độ of chemistry between Luffy và Nangươi, it seems khổng lồ lean more towards friendship than it does romance. Neither Luffy nor Nami has made any lãng mạn overtures to each other in the manga or anime filler.

The same can"t be said of Boa Hancoông xã, who is head over heels for Luffy và makes no qualms about it. She even worries about falling under Love sầu Sickness, an ailment she believed led lớn the death of the other Empresses.

3 Nami: Isn"t Afraid Of Telling Luffy When He"s Acting Stupidly

One of the downsides of being with Boa is she"s too in love with Luffy, forgiving hyên of every single one of his faults. The same can"t be said of Namày, who never hesitates khổng lồ let Luffy know when he"s acting like an idiot.

She isn"t above strangling hyên ổn for his idiocy, which while extreme, is necessary when Luffy"s thick-headedness is considered. He needs someone willing to lớn help keep his impulses in kiểm tra, even if he"d prefer a caremiễn phí life.

When Boa found out about Luffy"s history và namely his heritage, she didn"t bat an eyelash, believing fully in the man she knew. It didn"t matter lớn her that he was the offspring of the world"s worst criminal, Monkey D. Dragon.

The actions of his father didn"t reflect on Luffy, nor did they wipe away all of the good Luffy had done. For someone like Boa, who is prone to harboring grudges, particularly against men, her wiping the slate clean for Luffy is a big deal.

1 Nami: Has The Utmost Faith Luffy Will Keep Her Safe

There"s something to lớn be said in having the utmost faith in someone. While Boa has trust in Luffy as well, Nami"s is on a different màn chơi. Boa is capable of handling herself in a fight, while Namày often has lớn believe in Luffy"s skill to keep her safe.

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That sort of trust doesn"t come easily, especially with how often Nangươi scolds Luffy, but she"s shown it on several occasions. A few examples are when they were going up the beanstalk together or that she often screams his name when she"s in trouble.