One Piece Vs Naruto 4

Which bởi vì you think is the best of the 3? giới thiệu your opinions here.First i"ll begin, I think one piece is better than the other two, in story, episodes, và fillers.Including the characters in One piece. Compared lớn naruto và bleach, One piece is Superior.

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"Every man shall reap what he has sown, from the highest lord khổng lồ the lowest gutter rat. And some will thua kém more than the tips off their fingers, I promise you. They have made my kingdom bleed, và I vì chưng not forget that"

Bleach is damn awesome, One Piece is very awesome và Naruto is effing retarded.I don"t get the point of Naruto. I apologize, if my phản hồi was rude.
naruto is by far the best!!!! its got the best storyline và has so much khổng lồ the storyline. The characters are also really awesome. Its got everything in it which makes it good

kinda agree with dude abovebleach; best anime out right now!one piece i havnt seen D:naruto; sucks ass!


i think one piece is the best out of the three.its plot is more different from the other 2:bleach and naruto each involve fighting to get stronger in order khổng lồ protect something that is important lớn the antagonist. One piece has that too, but the main plot is khổng lồ just sail around the ocean.naruto is just very...plain. Almost every single character has a suckish past and the plot is nothing really new. Its just really repetitive with na-ru-to losing fights and getting stronger và stronger to win the fights khổng lồ project his friends.bleach doesnt really have a unique plot either. Its pretty much the same as naruto: ichigo wants to become stronger khổng lồ project his town and friends.though each one of these manga are good, one piece is still the best, in my opinion.

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I agree that One Piece is on a different level. Starts off slow & turns into a masterpiece. Right now, every episode keeps getting better.. How in the world is that possible? I don't know.. But it's true.. Before I started that anime I always thought ninjas outranked pirates... So wrong. XDAs a past Bleach fan, Bleach is good, just not right now... Lol, Kubo Tite must be on something, I hope he comes back to mangaka mode.. Just afraid of them canceling it, if the rankings fall lower... Or putting him on hiatus..Naruto is okay, but somewhat average in terms of shounen. Very generic.. I heard the manga hasn't been doing way too great lately..SJ rankings are kind of low in Japan... Even with the movie advertisements. Bleach is doing worse, but yea.. Not so good.
One piece best manga i ever read. XDThe development of each characters ability is far more interesting. I lượt thích the way the tác giả explaining the past of each character. Moreover, the fighting between each character are creative, especially for Logia fruits that provide powers of nature.Bleach story is kinda straight forward, but i like the drawing, very nice. =)However naruto is very disappointing for me, the plot is weak và seem lớn be only focus on fighting.
I lượt thích all three. However, I prefer One Piece over the other two. One Piece was actually the last anime I watched of the three. I guess I saved the best for last lol. As for Bleach, it seemed interesting in the beginning. I'm a comedy-type person, & there wasn't much of that so yeah.I lost a little interest because there were too many characters, và not too much information about them. It's probably just me but I got confused haha. Lastly, naruto was indeed strong at first, however I guess it just lost it's spark. The plot seemed to lớn kind of got off track :/ It's a shame. This series had good potential. We lost a lot of comedy along the way also.

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One Piece: awesomeBleach: F***ing awesome ( but I really hate when they switch arcs lượt thích that)Naruto: It gets a passing grade (cuz Itachi & Sasuke are in it)
One Piece is absolutely the best out of the three. Bleach is cool and Naruto passing, but One Piece just feels epic as you watch it XD
I didn't had seen One piece (with these coments I will)but i had seen Naruto & Bleach & I definly prefere Naruto,the Characters are walsome I just can't choose my fav, I think that the eps of Bleach are all the same, like, all episodthey fight và fight, and it is, i know that there is a stoty berind (always have) but it isnt my fav anime...
"I"m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word!"""You should give up… on me giving up!""That"s okay… Just as long as we can be together sometimes."

One Piece is way beyond the level of Naruto & Bleach. *warning: super long review-ish kinda thing to back up OP"s awesomeness/epicness.I have to say, though, na-ru-to was the first anime I"ve watched, & it still has a fond place in my heart (or at least the episodes until the kết thúc of the chunnin exams do, with the exception of a few, like Pein và Sasori), since it was the one that got me hooked on anime.However, after a bit, naruto started getting stupid, lượt thích really? Such a goody-two-shoes. Or maybe not, but he was just soooo annoying. And chasing after Sasuke like that? He"s not even worth it. At least Luffy got over Ace.I was a former Bleach fan, but at that time, I had only watched 2 animes (including Bleach), and as I began watchin more series, Bleach"s amazingness faded away for me. However, I"ll always remember how much I loved it, especially Byakuya và Gin :"(But really now, how crazy can Ichigo get? He"s like Shinigami X human X arrancar (?maybe? I havent watched in so long I forgot) X other crazy stuff. Lượt thích honestly, there"s a limit to lớn how special a MC can get without being crazy.However, I"ve watched, like, 40 different anime series since I first started OP, và IMO, its still the best. I"ve watched a lot of amazing animes, lượt thích Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass (probably have lớn say this comes in second, after OP), Prince of Tennis (ah, Fuji Honestly, it starts off a bit slow, but once you get past Nami"s arc, you just cant stop watchin anymore. I mean, like, how much more tragic can a past get? & how much more awesome could Luffy get? I, like, bawled my eyes out in that arc. Oh, but it was nothing compared to lớn when Ace
died. :"( saddest thing in anime history. Even sadder than Euphie"s death in CG & CG"s ending! wahh!!!
But getting back into more cheerful subjects, does anyone remember the zombie apocalypse thing, where a zombie starts sitting up in his grave, and all Luffy does is push him right back in? That made me LOL my head off.Honestly, even if I wanted to, I could not stop watching OP now, after everything I"ve been through watching that anime! Made me cry lượt thích hell. Like really, really CRY. And made my day with the laughs I managed khổng lồ get from it. Và partly for Ace too. I won"t give up on him! He"s the best character ever!