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The smoking ban that started in 13 municipalities in New Mexico, including Santa Fe và Albuquerque, has now officially gone statewide.
Other examples come from the municipalities that are assuming more responsibility for prevention, health promotion, and rehabilitation.
According khổng lồ this municipal budget, in 1882 the 40 regular night guards employed by the municipality earned 12 pesos per month.
Central responsibility for covering local deficits in current obligations would equalize contribution rates across municipalities & would enable the accounts to lớn be funded.
Merchant-dominated organizations (like the municipality) were likewise pushed aside, either through ruling-family appointments to lớn their leadership or outright sequestration.
As it was increasingly difficult for the municipalities to lớn get technical assistance from government in the 1970s, they had to rely on private consultants.
Our hypothesis holds that political developments within a municipality"s neighbours may affect subsequent events in the municipality.
These unexplained differences could in fact be interpreted in terms of the dissimilar administrative practices at the municipality level.
The municipalities at our surveyed sites encompassed many villages (between 60 & 118) in the administrative sense, & hence a corresponding number of chiefs.
Beyond the perceived political advantages, this listing also suggests economic advantages in that municipalities will have lower operating costs và that organizational innovation will increase.
One might expect that also the political colouring of municipalities matters for their actual willingness to lớn provide social services.
Nonetheless, even then, that result was better than the 22 per cent of the vote which he obtained in the upper half of the municipalities.
Opposition parties won six of these 121 elections in 1988, which leaves 115 municipalities at risk in 1992.

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a wall made of soil or other materials that is built next lớn a river khổng lồ stop the river from overflowing (= coming out of a place because it is too full)

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