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A Dream of Splendor
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese夢華錄
Simplified Chinese梦华录
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinMèng huá lù
  • Historical fiction
  • Romance
Based onZhao Pan'er Fengyue Jiu Feng Chen《赵盼儿风月救风尘 by Guan Hanqing
Written byZhang Wei
Directed byYang Yang
Presented by
  • Sun Zhonghuai
  • Wang Yuren
  • Liu Yifei
  • Chen Xiao
  • Lin Yun
  • Liu Yan
  • Xu Haiqiao
  • Dai Xu
  • Zhang Xiaoqian
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes40 (30 in TVB version)
Executive producerZheng Wei
ProducerWu Zhuoqian
Production locations
  • Hengdian
  • Xiangshan
  • Xiangyang
  • Wuxi
Running time45 minutes (60 minutes in TVB version)
Production companyGolden Pond Media
Original network
  • Tencent Video (China)
  • WeTV (others)
  • TVB (Hong Kong)
  • Beijing Satellite Television
Original releaseJune 2 –
July 24, 2022

A Dream of Splendor (simplified Chinese: 梦华录; traditional Chinese: 夢華錄; pinyin: Mèng huá lù) is a 2022 Chinese historical drama television series directed by Yang Yang and starring Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Lin Yun and Liu Yan.[1][2][3][4][5] Set in the Northern Song Dynasty, the series is based on the (Yuan Opera-style) drama Zhao Pan'er Fengyue Jiu Feng Chen《赵盼儿风月救风尘》 by the Yuan Dynasty playwright Guan Hanqing. It is airing on Tencent Video and WeTV from June 2, 2022 đồ sộ July 24, 2022.[6] Hong Kong's TVB was the first television station đồ sộ broadcast this drama on TVB Jade from September 5, 2022 đồ sộ October 14, 2022, previously on its streaming service MyTV SUPER from June 9 đồ sộ July 2, 2022.[7] It later went on national broadcast and aired simultaneously on Beijing Satellite Television from 22 November 2022.[8]

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Zhao Pan'er is the owner of a famous tea cửa hàng in Qiantang. She supported Ouyang Xu for three years before he went đồ sộ Bianjing đồ sộ attempt the imperial exam, promising đồ sộ marry her once he passes. She discovers that though her fiancé won third place in the imperial examination, he plans đồ sộ wed the daughter of an official and take Zhao Pan'er as a concubine instead of as his main wife.

Unwilling đồ sộ accept her fate, she decides đồ sộ go đồ sộ Bianjing and seek justice. On the way, she meets Gu Qianfan, an upright commander from the Imperial City, and they become entangled in a big case in Jiangnan. Zhao Pan'er rescues Song Yinzhang, who was tricked into marriage and abused, and Sun Sanniang, a chef who was driven đồ sộ suicide by her callous husband and son, and the three sisters arrive in Bianjing together.

In order not đồ sộ be driven away from Bianjing by Ouyang Xu, Zhao Pan'er, Song Yinzhang and Sun Sanniang persevere through many hardships and develop a small teahouse into the largest restaurant in Bianjing, expose the true face of heartless men, and open a door đồ sộ redemption for countless ordinary women.[9][10][11][12]

Broadcast time[edit]

Channel Location Broadcast Date Broadcast Time Remarks
Tencent Video  Mainland China June 2, 2022–June 26, 2022 20:00 VIP members will update 8 episodes for the first time
Update 4 consecutively in the first week Daily
Update 2 episodes every Thursday đồ sộ Saturday
Update 2 episodes for the first time for non-VIP members
Update 1 episode every Thursday đồ sộ Monday
WeTV Overseas June 2, 2022-July 3, 2022 20:00
myTV SUPER  Hong Kong June 9, 2022 – July 2, 2022 20:00
Netflix Overseas July 1, 2022-July 24, 2022
Astro GO  Malaysia June 8, 2022-July 22, 2022 20:00 Update 1 episode every Monday đồ sộ Friday
Jade  Hong Kong September 5, 2022-October 14, 2022 20:30 Dubbed in Cantonese
Reduced đồ sộ 30 episodes.
Jade TVB Anywhere service area (only in Singapore)
Beijing Satellite TV  Mainland China November 22, 2022- 19:30 Quality Theater[13]

Caste System[edit]

An unusual aspect of this series is that it explicitly addresses and explores the caste system of the Northern Song dynasty. Caste systems existed in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, though they are not as famous or rigid as the ones in India and Edo Period nhật bản. Broadly speaking, the general citizenry were classed as either "Dastardly" or "Virtuous" based on their profession and ancestry, with a complex system of sub-castes within these two broad classifications. "Dastardly" citizens were restricted in various ways, had fewer civil rights, and were ineligible for imperial examinations and public office. It was not explicitly illegal for women from a "dastardly" background đồ sộ become the main wife of an official, but it was severely frowned upon and considered đồ sộ be a mark of poor character.

"Dastardly" professions in this series include merchants, businessmen, and "entertainers", a category which includes the sub-castes of instrument players, singers, dancers, and prostitutes. Scholars have always been highly regarded throughout Chinese history, ví of course, they are considered "Virtuous".

Zhao Pan'er's father was a general who violated military orders in order đồ sộ save citizens from slaughter. As part of his punishment, his family were demoted đồ sộ "sinners" and Zhao Pan'er was trained as a government-regulated "entertainer". She was later "ransomed/redeemed" by her father's comrades and regained her freedom, but her time as a "sinner" would forever be regarded as a blemish đồ sộ her reputation if it was ever found out. After being "ransomed/redeemed", Zhao Pan'er opened a tea cửa hàng and became a business owner.

Zhao Pan'er's background as a business owner and former sinner was the primary motivation behind Ouyang Xu concealing his relationship with her and later on, reneging on marrying her as his main wife, the inciting incident which sets the story in motion. The Empress was also a former entertainer, and her attempts đồ sộ protect her identity, and her schemes against those who criticize her for being unworthy of her position, all play key roles in the story.

Song Yinzhang, a talented Pipa player, also struggles with her identity as an "entertainer" of the "dastardly" caste.


Main cast[edit]

Actor Role Introduction ' Cantonese Dubbing (TVB)'
Liu Yifei Zhao Pan'er Astute, sharp & independent businesswoman.

She is introduced at the beginning as the proprietress of a tea cửa hàng by the Qiantang River. Both beautiful and brilliant, anyone who sees her can't help but Call her stunning.

Born as a daughter of an official family, but because of her father's unfortunate crimes, her family was forced đồ sộ give up their status as official, and she was sold off đồ sộ be a lowly entertainer/performer at a young age, though throughout her time as a performer, she did not sell herself. After her father's former ministry subordinates begged for forgiveness, she managed đồ sộ regain her status as a commoner again, but her time as a performer was always her greatest shame and embarrassment. After Congliang, she made a living by running a tea cửa hàng by the Qiantang River and in the Eastern Capital and met her fiancé Ouyang successively. Xu and Gu Qianfan, but Ouyang Xu was favored by the Gao family and engaged đồ sộ Gao Hui after Jiji. He repented his marriage đồ sộ Zhao Pan'er and proposed đồ sộ accept her as a concubine but was rejected.

When they first met Gu Qianfan, they had a misunderstanding due đồ sộ misunderstandings. Later, they were helped by Gu Qianfan many times.

Zhang Songxin
Chen Xiao
(Childhood: Ziyi)
Gu Qianfan
(Childhood: Wei Hui'e)

Commander of the Intelligence Office Agency of the Capital Security Office, also known as the "Living King of Hell".

He was born noble and was the son of Prime Minister Xiao Qinyan, who later abandoned Qianfan's mother and son for an official career, ví he followed his mother's surname Gu. He is both civil and military, upright and upright, and takes upholding justice as his own duty. He shows no mercy đồ sộ the prisoners sent đồ sộ the Imperial City Division, because he is cold-blooded and ruthless when interrogated, and has no humanity in front of the truth, ví he is called "Living Yama". he met Zhao Pan'er on the way đồ sộ perform the mission, even if she was a woman, she would not show any sympathy for her, but the two got đồ sộ know each other better in crisis after crisis and felt reluctant đồ sộ let go of the perseverance and strength under Zhao Pan'er's beautiful face, ví gradually Deep roots of love.

He was promoted đồ sộ the post of deputy commissioner of the Capital Security Office after solving the case in Qiantang. He was later promoted đồ sộ be a 5th-ranked official of the imperial đô thị after the hat demon case

Liu Yan Sun Sanniang Zhao Pan'er's neighbor in Qiantang.

Born as a butcher, she has great strength. Excellent cooking skills, especially good at Jiangnan dishes and desserts. She has known Zhao Pan'er for a long time and talked about everything. She is a virtuous person, able đồ sộ give everything for her husband and son. Knowing that her husband is having an affair with a widow, her only son even recognizes her as her mother. In despair, she jumps into the river and commits suicide. She is saved by Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan'er. Gan stabbed Zhao Pan'er in both sides, and never left him. Opened a tea cửa hàng in the Eastern Capital with Zhao Pan'er and Song Yinzhang.

Du Changfeng and Du Changfeng are a pair of happy friends. At first, they could not understand Zhao Pan'er because Changfeng persuaded him đồ sộ be a concubine. Later, because Du Changfeng was always bullied by the students, she stood up for him. The two gradually got together, and finally, He asked the emperor đồ sộ marry them and was granted.

Liu Huiyun
Lin Yun Song Yinzhang Highly-accomplished pipa musician.

Her pipa skill is considered the best in the Jiangnan region. The pipa she plays is called Guyue. Although she is an official jiaofang music performer, her does not sell himself as a performer. She, together with Zhao Pan'er and Sun Sanniang sworned themselves as sisters. In the early stage, she has a naive and confident personality, which always makes Zhao Pan'er and Sun Sanniang feel worried. Spare no effort đồ sộ get out of 贱书, and lose judgment in order đồ sộ get out of the country. Regardless of Zhao Pan'er's advice, he elopes with Zhou She, but he is entrusted đồ sộ someone who is not a person. He is imprisoned and beaten by Zhou She, and his savings are all stolen. I once hoped that the three sisters could tư vấn each other until they grow old, and never get married. Later, she had a crush on Gu Qianfan, and after learning that Gu Qianfan's sweetheart was Zhao Pan'er and that she was the only one buried in the dark, heartbroken and angry, she agreed đồ sộ Shen Ruzhuo's pursuit, but once again entrusted her đồ sộ someone inhumane. After exposing Shen Ruzhuo's true face, she completely sees through the love between his children and grows up overnight.

Ling Xi

Other cast[edit]

Actor Role Introduction ' Cantonese Dubbing (TVB)'
Xu Haiqiao Ouyang Xu

Zhao Pan'er's former betrothed.

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In the past, he failed the test repeatedly, and later received the favor of Zhao Pan'er, and made a marriage contract with him, and finally passed the scientific examination three years later. Later, for the sake of his official career, he accepted the love of Gao Hui, the daughter of the powerful minister Gao Hu, and broke the marriage contract with Zhao Pan'er. After that, he connived with the housekeeper đồ sộ slander Zhao Pan'er and others in his own name and then expelled her from the Eastern Capital. In order đồ sộ avoid being retaliated against by Zhao in the Eastern Capital, he flattered and flattered him when he entered the palace and was awarded the post of Deputy Envoy of Zuo Lang Ziji Palace, and escaped đồ sộ Xijing. However, he was despised by Gao Hu because of this, ví the marriage contract with Gao Hui was broken, and he went đồ sộ Xijing đồ sộ take office, secretly vowing đồ sộ return triumphantly in the near future. He killed Uncle De and tried đồ sộ assassinate Zhao Pan'er, but failed, and was finally captured by the emperor and handed over đồ sộ the Imperial City Secretary with full authority.

Dai Xu Chi Pan

Head of 12 merchant guilds.

A well-known playboy in the Eastern Capital, born into a family of merchants, known as Chi Ya Nei. People are stupid and have a lot of money, and they are often played around without knowing it. It turned out that Zhang Haohao was a good friend and was at odds with Zhao Pan'er. After breaking up with Zhang Haohao, they were helped by Zhao Pan'er by chance. A different kind of relationship arises, but because Zhao Pan'er has her own heart, she later turns đồ sộ Song Yinzhang.

Zhong Jianlin
Zhang Xiaoqian Du Changfeng Close friend of Ouyang Xu & academy scholar.

Born into a wealthy family in the capital, with outdated and pedantic thinking. dễ thương side. Suffering from night blindness caused severe myopia, resulting in blurred vision. To see close objects, I need đồ sộ rely on 叆叇 (similar đồ sộ today's myopia glasses). In the beginning, she tried đồ sộ persuade Zhao Pan'er đồ sộ commit herself đồ sộ Ouyang Xu as a concubine, but Sun Sanniang threw herself into the water in public in a rage. Later, without knowing that the tea cửa hàng was opened by Zhao Pan'er and Sun Sanniang, he became a regular customer. He and Sun Sanniang were enemies. After Ouyang Xu made a big mistake, he tried đồ sộ persuade him đồ sộ surrender, but đồ sộ no avail. Finally, he was rewarded by the emperor đồ sộ marry Sun Sanniang.

Huang Qichang
Guan Yunpeng Chen Lian Gu Qianfan's right-hand man.

At first he worked in Ship Department, and later transferred đồ sộ the Capital Security Office. He is shrewd and observant, and he is sophisticated in dealing with things. When Gu Qianfan was in distress at the beginning, he was threatened and had no choice but đồ sộ compromise. Later, he learned that Gu Qianfan was working in the Imperial City Division and decided đồ sộ follow. Under the guidance of Gu Qianfan, he took care of Zhao Pan'er, Sun Sanniang, and Song Yinzhang. The three of them also treated Chen Lian as a younger brother. In the beginning, he and Ge Zhaodi were friends but gradually fell in love with her.

Hu Jiahao
Li Muchen Ge Zhaodi Head waitress of Zhao Pan'er's teahouse, and later restaurant.

Instigated by Gao Hui's Nanny, she went đồ sộ the tea cửa hàng with her accomplices đồ sộ frame Zhao Pan'er and others but their ploys and actions ended up being exposed. Afterward, she changed her former mistakes, turned enemies into friends with Zhao and the other three, and waited in the tea cửa hàng. She and Chen Lian were enemies at the beginning but later fell in love with him.

Ye Xiaoxin
Kana Zhang Haohao Eastern Capital's No. 1 Entertainer.

His eyebrows are picturesque, and he smiles sweetly. Performing art but not selling oneself, conceited of talent and beauty, unwilling đồ sộ be inferior đồ sộ others, thinking that even if one is a lowly citizen, one should live out one's own world. In the beginning, he made good friends with Zhao Pan'er, Song Yinzhang, and others. Later, Yinzhang was unwilling đồ sộ be famous for it, and secretly jealous of him, and later reconciled, and reminded Yinzhang of Shen Ruzhuo's true colors. Chi Pan was originally a good friend, but later the two broke up.

Zhan Jianer
Sun Zujun Shen Ruzhuo Born in a famous family in the capital, the son of Shen Ming, who was reviewed by the Yili Bureau, on the surface is an official son who is obsessed with music, singing, nhảy đầm, romantic, and playing with the world.

He seems đồ sộ love Song Yinzhang very much, but in fact, he wants đồ sộ use her beauty đồ sộ win the tư vấn of officials for himself, ví as đồ sộ maintain the dignity of the Shen family in the Eastern Capital. Attempted đồ sộ pawn Song Yinzhang off đồ sộ other court officials, but Song Yinzhang saw through it and retaliated against him.

Huang Jiquan
Wang Luoyong Xiao Qinyan Gu Qianfan's biological father, Suzhou Zhizhou, Pingjiang Army 's military governor, post-official worship prime minister.

The most powerful and powerful position in his life, with deep scheming and unscrupulous means đồ sộ achieve his goals, is the head of the famous treacherous ministers in the court. When he was from a poor family, he was in love with Gu Shuniang, Gu Qianfan's mother, and they married and gave birth đồ sộ Gu Qianfan. He grows up and has both civil and military skills. On the contrary, his other sons are far behind him in achievement. He intends đồ sộ make Gu Qianfan take charge of the Xiao family and inherit the mantle.

Zhao Shiliang
Baojianfeng Emperor Good Taoist magic. He met Ouyang Xu and other Jinshi and asked them about their daily leisure time. Ouyang loved đồ sộ study Huang Lao's art. Shangyu, who was awarded the post of Deputy Envoy of Zuo Zuolang Ziji Palace, was ordered đồ sộ go đồ sộ Xijing đồ sộ ask a fairy master đồ sộ come out of the mountain. He has a strong relationship with the queen. Zhai Yaohui
Liu Kejun Liu Wan Queen, from humble origin. Zeng Xiuqing
Jia Ze Gao Hui Gao Hu's only daughter.

A pure and kind-hearted lady who is loved by thousands of people, she once fell in love with Ouyang Xu and firmly refused her father đồ sộ break up her marriage. After Zhao Pan'er reminded her, she sent someone đồ sộ investigate Ouyang Xu's past before accepting the truth. Retired and became friends with Zhao Paner.

Huang Xinyu
Li Shengjia Xiao Wei Gu Qianfan's half-brother. Zhang Fangzheng
Lu Yong Ke Zheng Former prime minister. During Xiao JinYan's birthday banquet, he bestowed the inscription on the pipa played by Song Yinzhang with the word "strength of character" after admiring Song Yinzhang's performance during the banquet, .
Yao Anlian Qi Mu The official worships Yushi Zhongcheng.

Because of his discord with Xiao Qinyan and jealousy of his trust by the officials, he deliberately framed him, even using Gu Qianfan as his own pawn, and instigating Xiao Qinyan's father and son đồ sộ turn against each other, but he regarded himself as Qingliu. After Gu Qianfan formally drew a line with him, he gradually revealed his true colors. After the final defeat, he was sentenced đồ sộ exile.

Li Jinlun
Du Yuming Lei Jing Imperial City Envoy.

Afraid that Gu Qianfan's ability would threaten his status, he often planned đồ sộ kill Gu Qianfan, but Xiao Qinyan came forward đồ sộ mediate, but because of his power, he had no choice but đồ sộ give up.

Lin Guoxiong
Gao Changyuan Yu Zhongquan Lei Jing's confidant.

Jealous of Gu Qianfan's ability and at odds with him, in order đồ sộ restrain Gu Qianfan and frame Zhao Pan'er but failed, he was found đồ sộ be colluding with foreigners in Xixia, and embezzled Lei Jing's family property.

Chen Yaonan
Chen Zhen Zheng Qingtian Magistrate of Qiantang County.

Opened the sea ban privately, colluded with Lei Jing đồ sộ giảm giá khuyến mãi with Gu Qianfan, and was later bestowed đồ sộ death by Xiao Qinyan.

Yin Zhusheng Gao Hu Imperial Inspector, Gao Hui's father, originally Ouyang Xu's future father-in-law.

A proud official, good at judging the current situation. he likes đồ sộ collect famous paintings. After Ouyang Xu's pilot test, he caught his son-in-law at the top of the list, thinking that he came from a poor family and could be easily controlled. Later, when he learned that Ouyang Xu was appointed as a palace official, he angrily tore up the marriage contract. She once coveted Zhao Pan'er's beauty and intelligence, and wanted đồ sộ take her as a concubine and molested her.

Pan Wenbo
Zhu Hui Uncle De Ouyang Xu's housekeeper.

He likes đồ sộ worship high and step down, often violates Ouyang Xu's confession and makes his own decisions, and hates Zhao Pan'er. In the over, he was killed by Ouyang Xu.

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Ye Zhensheng
Hu Yuxuan He Si The follower of Chi Ya Nei, he is good friends with Zhao Paner and Sun Sanniang. Liu Yixi
Zhang Xiang Zhou She Qiantang businessman.

See profit and forget righteousness, good flattery and gambling. At first, she cheated on marrying Song Yinzhang. After getting married, she showed her gambling nature. In order đồ sộ force Song Yinzhang đồ sộ take out her savings, she was imprisoned in the house and beat and kicked. The government, instead, was detained in a prison and later sentenced đồ sộ exile.

Deng Zhijian
Liu Yajin Yuan Tuntian A frequent visitor with a half-hidden face. Li Jinlun
Guo Jinjie Fu Xingui Sun Sanniang's husband divorced his wife and married his sister-in-law. No dialogue
Han Yuanqi Fu Zifang Son of Sun Sanniang, ignorant. In the beginning, because he was dissatisfied with Sun Sanniang's teaching, he followed Fu Xingui and his stepmother. Later, because he was dissatisfied with Fu Xingui and his stepmother, he traveled thousands of miles đồ sộ Beijing đồ sộ follow Sun Sanniang and Du Changfeng. Luo Kongrou
Yu Menghan Silver Vase Song Yinzhang's personal maid. Cheng Yaoyu
Liu Wei Mr. Zhuoshi A frequent visitor with half-hidden face. Ye Zhensheng
Chen Xuming Xu Zhizhou Xiuzhou Zhizhou. Lu Guoquan
Zhang Liqiu Jiang family Gao Hui's nanny. Rebina
Li Xingmei Su Niang Pipa musician.

She was hired đồ sộ play the pipa at a teahouse in Chatang Lane in competition with Song Yingzhang, and was called by Zhao Pan'er đồ sộ listen đồ sộ Song Yinzhang playing the pipa and was impressed by her skills. She later became an apprentice of Song Yingzhang

He Luyi


Original Soundtrack[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicLead singerLength
1."Don't Regret the Time" (不惜时光)Jiang Ke, Dai Yuedong, Yan LiyanFeng BoJane Zhang04:24
2."A Dream of Splendor" (梦华)Dai Yuedong, Yan LiyanDai YuedongLiu Yuning03:37
3."What Year is This Eve" (今夕是何年)Dai Yuedong, Cen SiyuanDai YuedongSunnee03:22
4."The Red Apricot Branches in the Spring" (红杏枝头春意闹)Zhang WeiLu Liang, Dai YuedongYin Lin03:43
5."Read" (念念)Dai Yuedong, Yan LiyanDai YuedongKiki Wei03:35

Hong Kong TVB version's Soundtrack[edit]

Lead singer Song Composer Written lyrics Arrangement Supervisor
Hana Kuk I am lượt thích before (theme song) Lau Yi-shing Hayes Yeung Lau Yi-shing Lau Yi-shing
Sherman Poon When the Tomorrow Starts (end song) Tam Yu-sun Hayes Yeung Freddie Lo Lau Yi-shing


  • 2022 The 13th Macao International Television Festival|The 13th Macao International Television Festival Best Actress in "Golden Lotus": Liu Yifei.[14]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Channel Date Time slot Notes
 Hong Kong Jade September 5, 2022 - October 14, 2022 Monday đồ sộ Friday 20:30-21:30 Dubbed in Cantonese.

Reduced đồ sộ 30 episodes with 60 minutes per episode.


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