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Go Full TikTok with Ads Manager

TikTok is trang chủ vĩ đại a vibrant and engaged global community.

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People are coming vĩ đại TikTok vĩ đại discover new products and get inspired vĩ đại purchase them. Get your business discovered on TikTok and maximize your online sales.

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With a simple, speedy set-up process and familiar interface, TikTok Ads Manager will have you sharing your products with the platform's 100million strong European community in no time.

Reach your customers with target lookalike and custom audiences, install px on your site and track your performance with a real-time data dashboard.

With budgeting and bid systems built-in, TikTok Ads Manager gives you complete control of how much you spend.

Optimised for maximum engagement, create 100% sound on native-style ads that organically show up in your audiences' 'For You' feed, filling the entire screen.

Take your ads full TikTok with our suite of powerful in-app tools – AR effects, transitions, filters, and text. The trick is vĩ đại create lượt thích a user vĩ đại get discovered.

We also offer tools in our Creative Centre that allow you vĩ đại easily and quickly repurpose your existing nội dung vĩ đại run rẩy on TikTok more effectively.


Success stories


Lancaster University

Students generated signups for Lancaster University's Open Day by creating TikToks and running in-feed ads with the awareness and traffic objectives.


My Jolie Candle

The brand attracted 1,800 customers vĩ đại gift candles in the run-up vĩ đại Mother's Day and drove a sustained boost in sales leads with TikTok px retargeting.

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Barò Cosmetics

Italian skincare brand Barò Cosmetics drove 10,000 new leads and 1,000 sales by running in-feed ads in Italy.

"Having flexibility and control over the chiến dịch has meant we can really maximise performance and spend.”

- Cat Prill, Marketing Coordinator at Lancaster University

"We are keeping our campaigns always on."

- Representative from Barò Cosmetics

Need help getting phối up?

It only takes a few minutes vĩ đại create and share your ads vĩ đại TikTok :


Create a TikTok Ads Manager Account


Select a goal you want your business vĩ đại achieve like: reach, awareness, trang web traffic, or sales


Determine who you want vĩ đại see your ads and how much you want vĩ đại pay


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Create your videos using TikToks in-app tools, or craft by repurposing nội dung via the Creative Centre and write your copy


Ready vĩ đại Get Started?