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If you want to lớn get around the world of Gamer Robot Inc’s One Piece-inspired Roblox experience, you’re going to lớn need a Blox Fruits map. This information can help you figure out how to lớn progress, where to lớn find special devil fruit, and maybe even put you on the path of being pirate king or queen of the high seas.

So, we thought it best to lớn put together this Blox Fruits map, showing you how to lớn get to lớn every island in the expanse of the ocean. As with most Roblox games, the world of Blox Fruits just keeps getting bigger with every update, sánh even if you think you know the seven seas lượt thích the back of your hand, it’s always a good idea to lớn kiểm tra for new locations.

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With three different bodies of water making up three individual Blox Fruits maps, where you can access tends to lớn depend on your level. The first island is generally for those scaling up to lớn 700, the second for those up to lớn 1,500, and the third island is in progress but is generally accessible for anyone with a power level of 1,500 or more. To help you figure out where you can go with your current level, we’ve made a mix of neat tables indicating how to lớn find every destination on the high seas.

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Closer screenshot of Blox Fruits map with seperate locations from around the world

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Blox Fruits maps – the first sea

Area How to lớn find  Level cap for entry 
Starter island  Where your journey begins  N/A
Jungle island North-east of Starter island’s dock 15-30 
Pirate village North-east of Jungle island’s dock  30-60 
Desert East of Pirate village’s dock 60-90
Middle town Directly opposite Starter island  100 
Frozen village North of Starter island  90-120 
Marine fortress North of Frozen village  120-150 
Prison West of Frozen village 190-275 
Colleseum  East of Frozen village 225-300
Skylands Fly upwards (you need the flying ability first)  150-200 / 450-575 in advance areas 
Magma village  Behind the Marine Fortress  300 
Underwater city South of Frozen village 375-450 
Fountain city Behind the colosseum  625-700 

Blox Fruits maps – the second sea

Once you reach level 700, you can access the second sea.

Area How to lớn find Level cap for entry 
Kingdom of rose Starting area of the second sea 700-850 
Usoap’s island Behind kingdom of rose 700 
Green zone North-west of kingdom of rose  875-925
Graveyard West of kingdom of rose 950-975
Snow mountain North of kingdom of rose 1,000-1,050 
Hot and cold North of graveyard  1,100-1,200 
Cursed ship  West of graveyard  1,000-1,325 
Dark arena North-east of kingdom of rose 1,000
Ice castle North of dark arena 1,350-1,450 
Forgotten island  North of green zone  1,425-1,475 

Blox Fruits maps – the third sea

Once you reach level 1,500, you can reach the third sea. 

Area How to lớn find Level cap for entry 
Port town Starting area of the third sea  1,500-1,575
Hydra island North-east of port town 1,575-1,675 
Great tree Opposit hydra island 1,700-1,750 
Sea of treats North-east of great tree 1,700-1,750 
Floating turtle North-west of great tree 1,775-2,000 
Castle on the sea North-west of port town N/A
Haunted castle  North-west of castle on the sea 1,975-2,075 

There you have it, all the Blox Fruits map locations you need to lớn lắc waste to lớn the seas lượt thích your name is Luffy. For more helpful hints, see our guides on how to lớn delete contacts on iPhone and how to lớn delete apps on iPhone.