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League of Legends is one of the world"s most popular online multiplayer games.Users report ping spikes in Windows 10 when playing the game and in this article, we will explore ways that can help you fix that.

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In order to reduce ping spikes in League of Legends, it might be necessary to forward the required ports. Port forwarding is an advanced procedure, and in order to see how to do it properly, we advise you to check your router’s manual.

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The process is different for each router, and so there are no universal guidelines. Simply log in to your router and on the configuration page locate port forwarding. Now forward the following ports:

5000 – 5500 UDP (League of Legends Game Client)8393 – 8400 TCP (Patcher and Maestro)2099 TCP (PVP.Net)5223 TCP (PVP.Net)5222 TCP (PVP.Net)80 TCP (HTTP Connections)443 TCP (HTTPS Connections)8088 UDP and TCP (Spectator Mode)

After forwarding the required ports, the problem should be completely resolved.

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7. Disable proxy and VPN

Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.

You should no longer experience ping spikes now. Use the comment section below to tell us if these methods worked for you!