Episode 2: Rules

This episode will take you approximately 2-3 hours to lớn play through and there are six collectables to lớn pick up across eleven chapters. To lớn begin the episode, select continue from the main menu.

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A đoạn clip showing all collectable locations without story spoilers has been provided below:

Video by AchievementSquad

Chapter 1 – Young Apprentice

There is one collectable within this chapter.

After the opening cutscene you will be introduced to a new game mechanic; you can ask Daniel lớn use his powers lớn interact with an object by holding when the large blue arrow is displayed, then press .

Do this with several of the rocks along the river edge (and on the far bank), mushroom the dog and the shooting range on the tree stump and ask Daniel to lớn lift them. After practising with the shooting range, Sean will pick up a snowball to lớn throw at/around Daniel. Throw the snowball twice with

to kết thúc the practice session.

Before heading back khổng lồ the cabin, you have to lớn fill up the water canteens. Go to lớn the wooden pontoon và ask for help () khổng lồ fill them. Daniel will come & help you. After filling the canteens, walk forward up the snowy hill to see a creepy two-headed snowman to the left of the cabin. Behind the snowman is a tree in which you will find your first collectable:


To get it, look at it once with & then ask Daniel to lớn lift it out of the tree with và . After Daniel lifts it out of the tree, walk over to the box and inspect it with . Once you’ve picked up the sticker you’ll earn:

You can now head inside & continue the chapter, but there are a couple of things you can interact with outside before heading in:

*** Spoiler - click lớn reveal ***

A stick in front of the cabin – play fetch with MushroomDiscuss the scary snowman with DanielA couple of small animal traps around the cabinThe animal burrow behind the snowman

Once you"ve finished outside, go in through the sliding door & into the cabin.

Now you’ll have to lớn get a few things together to lớn build a fire in the wood stove and make dinner. There are several things you can interact with at different points:

*** Spoiler - click lớn reveal ***

Refill Mushroom’s bowlAfter lighting the fire, discuss the raccoon on the table outside with DanielAfter grabbing the tin of food, discuss the chalkboard with DanielAfter putting the food on the stove, you can teach () mushroom

Firstly, go into the bedroom and tìm kiếm through Sean’s stuff khổng lồ find a lighter. Take the lighter, go into the bathroom and địa chỉ water khổng lồ the container on the bath. Go lớn the wood stove in the living room và make a fire (). Grab some food from the đứng đầu shelf in the kitchen và grab a clean pan from the bathtub. Go back to lớn the food in the kitchen & prepare the meal ().

While that cooks, you can go outside khổng lồ draw by interacting with the sliding door and earn another achievement. Once you’re sat down, hold to observe & then wiggle (

) khổng lồ draw. Once you’ve finished your first round of drawing you can either continue the drawing or stand up, earning:

Go back inside và serve the meal on the stove. Watch the cutscene to over the chapter.

Chapter 2 – Ship, Captain, Crew

There are no collectables within this chapter.

After the cutscene, you will still be in the cabin but it will be later in the evening. Go into the bedroom and search Sean’s stuff on the đứng top of the chest of drawers. Sean will gọi out lớn Daniel and ask him where he put the map, after which Daniel will tell you it’s in his tent. Search ‘Daniel’s lair’ và move () mushroom. He won’t move so you’ll have to lớn ask for Daniel’s help with . Pick up the bản đồ on the right hand side & head back khổng lồ Daniel.

Place the maps on the table () & after the cutscene it’s time to play a trò chơi with Daniel. The aim of the trò chơi is to get together a ship, captain & crew, và then khổng lồ get as much treasure as you can. The person with the most treasure wins the game. You have to vị this in three dice throws, in which you roll several dice at once. You need lớn roll a six for a ship, five for a captain and four for a crew. You can’t have a captain without a ship or a crew without a captain. When you’re ready to start, roll the dice with . After you’ve finished the trò chơi you can decide to play again or gọi it a night, và if you won you can decide what to lớn draw on Daniel’s backpack.

Chapter 3 – Rule or Might

There are no collectables within this chapter.

When the chapter begins, you will have to gather your stuff together before leaving. Go into the bedroom and Sean will talk lớn Daniel. Go into the bathroom và refill the water canteens () from the container by the sink. Showroom the canteens to lớn the bag on the table in the living room & head outside lớn look for Daniel. Turn lớn the right & follow the trail behind the snowman towards the fallen tree blocking the path. Crawl under the tree & walk forward to lớn pick up the bandana. Watch the cutscene và make a decision to end the chapter.

Chapter 4 – The Road to lớn Beaver Creek

There are no collectables within this chapter, which consists of cutscenes following the brother’s journey.

Chapter 5 – Sanctuary

There are no collectables within this chapter.

After the cutscene, ring the doorbell in front of you. When you gain control of Sean you will be sat down in the kitchen. You can look around you and look at things around the room while your grandparents talk in the other room. When they return you will watch another cutscene và go through some dialogue choices. After a chat with Daniel upstairs, the scene will fade and the chapter will end.

Chapter 6 – The Gingerbread House

There is one collectable within this chapter.

You’ll wake up in bed. After getting up, interact with the pile of clothes on the floor next to you to lớn get dressed. Leave the bedroom & head downstairs to lớn the kitchen. Sit down at the table to lớn join Claire for breakfast. Go through a few dialogue choices whilst eating breakfast. After you’ve finished you can interact with a few more things around the house:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

In the dining room you can discuss Daniel’s work with himTidy the board games next to DanielPlay with the train set upstairs

When you’ve finished looking around the house, go into the downstairs study khổng lồ find Stephen. He will ask you lớn fetch him the glue from the cupboard behind him, after which he will want to lớn discuss Daniel with him. Make a decision about whether to be honest with him or not. After your chat, Stephen will give you the key lớn the outside shed. Before leaving the office, you can discuss a few things around the room with Stephen.

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After heading out the door, Claire will stop you and ask for your help around the house. After she leaves, you’ll have to lớn track Daniel down before he’ll help you. Go into the bathroom and search behind the shower curtain. Daniel will jump out from behind you to lớn try and scare you. After you’ve sent him off lớn tidy the room, turn around and collect the dirty clothes from the laundry basket. Take them downstairs & go into the dark room next khổng lồ the kitchen. Flick the light switch so that you can see and wash the clothes in the machine.

After you’ve done the washing it’s time for another achievement. Go upstairs & play with the train set:


You have to lớn make sure you’ve done the following things before stopping the train:

Set the far right switch lớn ‘go right’Prep the coal to refuel the train carAfter the train has been refuelled by the coal loader (by passing through it), change the far right switch to lớn ‘go forward’.When the train travels around the outside of the loop and through the tunnel on the right hand side, Sean will say he thinks something’s stuck.Use
to lớn speed up the train so it passes through the tunnel a second time.

Finally, stop the train at the station và interact with it to collect the Beaver Creek sign:

Before heading out you can interact with a few more things around the house:

*** Spoiler - click to lớn reveal ***

Discuss the aquarium with Daniel‘Relax & draw’ on the chair in the corner of the living roomDiscuss the Christmas decorations by the back door with DanielLean on the banister upstairs & relax

When you’ve finished looking around, interact with the backdoor khổng lồ ‘get out’.

Once you’re outside, you can go over khổng lồ the shed in the corner of the garden and open it. Daniel will turn and see a kid climbing the tree house. For those of you that played the prequel The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the next scene might be familiar khổng lồ you; the kid will fall from the tree house và Daniel will stop him from getting hurt. After chatting lớn Chris và his dad, make a choice when talking lớn Daniel to kết thúc the chapter.

Chapter 7 – Bending Laws

There are two collectables within this chapter.

When the chapter begins, you will wake up và find Daniel has gone khổng lồ play at the neighbour"s house. Get dressed by interacting with the clothes on the floor and go downstairs. Before you leave the house to lớn go find Daniel, there are a couple of things you can choose to lớn interact with if you wish:

*** Spoiler - click lớn reveal ***

The máy vi tính in Stephen"s study (where you can choose to read Brody"s blog!)The phone by the leather chairs in the living room

Interact with the lưu ý on the front door and then "leave" to head outside. Turn to the right và head around the fence, past a pile of junk & towards the treehouse. Lớn the left of the treehouse there is an angry-looking snowman:


Look at the snowman () and then pick up the beer cap, which forms one of its eyes, to lớn earn:

Go around the front of the neighbour"s house & go in the front door.

After a bit of dialogue, Chris will ask you lớn pick which of his toys are the heroes and which are bad guys. Make the following choices for the next achievement:

Car & Insectoid - Bad guys

Warrior, Pirate, BearDino - Good guys

If you get it right Chris will give you an item và you will earn:

Watch the cutscene to finish the chapter.

Chapter 8 – Christmas Spirit

There is one collectable within this chapter.

Once you arrive at the Christmas market, talk to Daniel & make a decision. Daniel will wander off lớn look for a tree, leaving you to lớn explore the market. There are a couple of things you can bởi vì here:

*** Spoiler - click to lớn reveal ***

Wander over lớn the stalls at the far side of the market and buy Daniel a present from the vendorInteract with the donation box

Once you"ve finished looking around, walk over lớn the busking woman at the back of the market and listen to her play a song. Listen to the whole tuy vậy and once she"s finished you can chat with her. You can also give her money by dropping a dollar onto the paper plate in front of her. After some dialogue she"ll walk off, leaving behind a guitar pick under a tree by the fence, which you can pick up lớn earn:

Before you leave the area, you can decide whether to punish the stall owner or not by discussing it with Daniel.

Once you"ve finished, leave the market và return to the truck to end the chapter.

Chapter 9 – Confessions

There are no collectables within this chapter, which consists of a discussion with Chris" dad when you return from the market.

Chapter 10 – Screeching Tires

There is one collectable within this chapter.

You will return from the market & re-enter your grandparents house lớn find them not yet home. Daniel will ask whether you can investigate the locked room upstairs.

Go into your grandparents bedroom. The vanity draw on the left as you enter the room will be locked; you"ll need lớn find a key to open it. Search the nightstand khổng lồ the left of the bed and then use the key that you find to open the vanity draw. Go back lớn Daniel & discuss where the key might be. You will have the option lớn ask Daniel to open the door with his powers or you can continue lớn look for the key. If you choose to look for the key, interact with the washing basket ( then ) in the bathroom lớn find your grandma"s jumper, which will contain the key lớn Karen"s room. Return to lớn Daniel and open the door.

When you are in Karen"s room there are a large amount of objects you can interact with around the room to give you some insight into her life. Lớn find the last collectable, look to lớn the left of the CD player and plug it in:


Interact with the CD player to lớn "play" it. Sean will xuất hiện the lid of the CD player & find the final collectable, granting you:

As well as the following if you have found all the collectables in the episode:

After you"ve finished looking at everything in the room, interact with the letter on the chest of drawers next to lớn the door and xuất hiện it. Watch the cutscene and make a decision to over the chapter.

Chapter 11 – Breaking Free

There are no collectables within this chapter, which consists of the final moments of the episode where Daniel & Sean talk.

Finishing the final chapter will reward you with:

You have now finished Episode 2 - Rules and will be presented with a screen showing all of the major choices you made throughout the chapter, as well as the choices your friends have made.

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