a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision:

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bring/file/threaten a lawsuit against sb A lawsuit for sexual harassment was brought by two women against their former employer.

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civil/federal lawsuit The SEC alleges in their civil lawsuit against the firm that its fraud scheme cost investors a billion dollars.
It is possible that area lawsuit activity cause c-section rates to be higher than the optimum level.
After the 1960s, a certain awareness of the iniquity of the "system" arose, and lawsuits to obtain the payment of royalties became more common.
But what the documents and records of judicial precedents do reveal is that ordinary people filed an extraordinarily large number of lawsuits.
For some local magistrates, and almost all clerks and runners, lawsuits signified a source of extra income.
If the lawsuit is a punishment driven by strong negative reciprocity, this is just the finding one would expect.
Cases included new appeals for lawsuits, reminders seeking the quick resolutions of pending cases, and supplementary cases.
One well-known response chosen by some patients and families is the filing of a malpractice lawsuit against the health professionals and institutions.
Insurance companies that had been issuing employers" insurance against employee lawsuits could do no better.
This verifies that lawsuits were made in astonishingly large numbers, and that people appealed over extremely minor issues.
But, with the risk of lawsuit you perform them because if any problem does arise you would be sent to jail.
Besides initiating lawsuits to regain their estates, royalists also raised loans to purchase from the state confiscated lands, thereby enabling them to maintain their livings.
Wills, memorials (a petition to government, detailing a complaint), petitions, and lawsuits give order to both his own and to public life.
Next to family affairs lawsuits, methinks it is the least agreeable conversation rational beings can employ themselves in.
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