How to stream on facebook gaming: create a gaming page and go live today


Will Mixer’s death make Facebook Gaming viable? How lớn start streaming & monetize streams on Facebook Gaming. Learn more in our ultimate guide!


Let’s look at Facebook Gaming under the microscope và highlight its pros và cons. Learn how khổng lồ stream on Facebook Gaming, if you’ve sầu decided to give it a try. We will cover some essential topics for you, including the basic equipment to lớn stream on Facebook Gaming, ways to lớn monetize your stream, and some pro tips on how to make your gaming channel successful.

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Microsoft’s 300 IQ strategic plan or the biggest blunder?

Microsoft might have sầu actually made a huge investment in the future. How come? In case you didn’t know, their upcoming Project xCloud will allow you khổng lồ stream your favorite Xbox games directly from the cloud via your sản phẩm điện thoại phone or tablet. A Wi-Fi connection, a compatible mobile device (Android 6.0+), and an Xbox controller would be enough for xCloud.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, their promising tactic khổng lồ win the Twitch audience by luring top live sầu streamers lượt thích Nin-Ja & Shroud hasn’t worked out. Regardless, such a huge corporation simply cannot step aside. The audience numbers on Mixer weren’t enough khổng lồ achieve any sort of success with xCloud — Mixer had only 2% of the pie at best.


Therefore, teaming up with Facebook Gaming will allow Microsoft to gain more viewers substantially, as well as attract newcomers. “To better serve our community’s needs, we’re teaming up with Facebook to lớn enable the Mixer community khổng lồ transition khổng lồ Facebook Gaming,” according lớn Phil Spencer, head of gaming at Microsoft.

Ever heard of Facebook Gaming?

Although launched in June 2018, it seems that Facebook Gaming has just started to lớn make those baby steps & develop the platsize. Little by little, the community has been growing more and more with the advent of top personalities and streamers, like Rondomain authority Rousey, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrgame ios, and many others.

Advantages of streaming on Facebook Gaming

When we think of Facebook Gaming, first of all, we see an opportunity. The partnership with Microsoft has already brought a ton of attention, which will inevitably result in decent growth of the community due khổng lồ the transition from Mixer & other platforms lượt thích Twitch and YouTube. That’s where new streamers can win by committing lớn Facebook Gaming.

Promotion possibilities. One of the obvious pros of Facebook Gaming is the ability to reach the potential audience you already have sầu on the most popular social truyền thông media platform. Before the stream you can easily create a quiông chồng post to let your friends know you are going online. Moreover, since it is Facebook, your viewers can simply tóm tắt your posts and help you grow your community.Great VR opportunities. As Facebook owns Oculus, live creators can easily mix up their streams và broadcast some exclusive games in the virtual reality mode. When it comes to VR, we are pretty sure Facebook will get the lion’s nói qua of viewers. Therefore, if you are interested in VR games, Facebook Gaming is just the place for you.Partnership perks.

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If your channel has become popular enough, you can apply for the Facebook Level Up program. It allows you khổng lồ live sầu stream your games in Full HD at 60 FPS & offers you custom support, as well as some other cool perks. You will have sầu access to lớn người subscriptions & Facebook Stars, a special currency that allows you khổng lồ monetize your stream directly from fan donations.Facebook điện thoại streaming. Last but not least, Facebook Gaming allows you to lớn live sầu stream your favorite games from your Android phone in just a few taps. Download the app, give the permissions, add the game, và go live! The live stream will instantly appear on your connected tài khoản — a personal page or a public group.

Disadvantages of streaming on Facebook Gaming

Like any other streaming platkhung, Facebook Gaming has some drawbacks. Whether you are going lớn choose Facebook as your gaming haven or not, you should first take a look at the following cons of streaming there.

Having khổng lồ pay for ads. Unfortunately, the platkhung prioritizes live sầu streamers who pay for ads, which means you might need to spend some money just to have the ability khổng lồ compete with others.No-nickname zone. Unlượt thích other streaming platforms, Facebook Gaming doesn’t allow viewers to use nicknames. Viewers are logged in under their real names, which can pose a threat lớn them due lớn lots of scammers and tricksters. For streamers, this means less audience reach and engagement.Questionable UI.

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Many people simply vị not lượt thích Facebook’s user interface. This is especially true for the younger generation. Because Facebook is the oldest social media platkhung, many teenagers view it as a place for parents. And, well, parents mostly vị not enjoy đoạn phim games as much as their kids.

What vày I need lớn start streaming on Facebook Gaming?


Let’s say you are willing to lớn give sầu Facebook Gaming a try. Then you should learn your live streaming options. First things first, every streaming platkhung requires basic gaming equipment. This typically includes the following components:

A strong computer that is able lớn pull off the load from both Clip games & live streamingAa& that’s about it