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Honkai: Star Rail features many locations filled with various collectibles and activities that players can discover. Read on for a complete list of all locations and world maps, including the locations of all Space Anchors, chests, bookshelf readables, Warp Trotters, puzzles, and more in the game!

All Honkai Star Rail Worlds
Herta Space Station Jarilo-VI Xianzhou Luofu

Honkai Star Rail - Herta Space Station

Herta Space Station is the first area that players are introduced vĩ đại, acting as both a tutorial section and the setting of your first glimpses at Honkai: Star Rail's main story. Explore the area thoroughly vĩ đại get a headstart on your adventure as the Trailblazer.

Herta Space Station Guide - Map and Chest Locations

Treasure Chest Locations
Base Zone Storage Zone
Supply Zone

Honkai Star Rail - Jarilo-VI

Jarilo-VI is described as an ice-cold world filled with snowy plains where you can get a wonderful view of Belobog. It is also the last remaining thành phố where human civilization continues vĩ đại live and thrive, thus commonly called 'The Last Bastion of Mankind'.

Jarilo-VI Guide - Map and Chest Locations

Treasure Chest Locations
Administrative District Outlying Snow Plains
Backwater Pass Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Corridor of Fading Echoes Everwinter Hill
Boulder Town Great Mine
Rivet Town Robot Settlement

Honkai Star Rail - The Xianzhou Luofu

Xianzhou Luofu is a large spaceship fleet and one of the six flagships of the Xianzhou Alliance. It voyages endlessly in the ocean of stars towards the Lord of the Hunt's enemy.

The Xianzhou Luofu Guide - Map and Chest Locations

Treasure Chest Locations
Central Starskiff Haven Cloudford
Stargazer Navalia Exalting Sanctum
Divination Commission Artisanship Commission
Alchemy Commission Scalegorge Waterscape
Aurum Alley

Star Rail - Penacony Planet
Penacony is the next planet vĩ đại be added in Honkai: Star Rail. It is a Prison Planet used by the IPC vĩ đại exile criminals in the past but has since transformed into a prosperous and ethereal realm.

Penacony Planet Guide

Honkai Star Rail - Aurum Alley Preview Photo

Aurum Alley is a new area in the Xianzhou Luofu that was announced during the Version 1.3 Livestream and released on August 30, 2023.

Aurum Alley used vĩ đại be a commerce hub packed with tourists, but fell into obscurity over the years. Efforts are now being made vĩ đại restore its former glory.

Aurum Alley Treasure Chest Locations

All Activities and Points-of-Interest
Space Anchors Treasure Chests
Bookshelf Readables Memory Bubbles
Warp Trotters Puzzles
Calyxes Stagnant Shadows
Caverns of Corrosion Simulated Universe
Forgotten Hall -

Space Anchors

Space Anchors in Honkai: Star Rail are similar vĩ đại the Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact. Get close vĩ đại them in order vĩ đại heal up your team, or use them as fast travel points vĩ đại quickly get around the different levels of the area.

Honkai Star Rail - Chest

Treasure Chests can be found scattered throughout the different locations of Honkai: Star Rail, rewarding players who find them with a variety of items including a small amount of Stellar Jade.

All Treasure Chest Locations

Bookshelf Readables

Readables are collectibles that can be picked up in the world and read as notes. You may access these readables in your thực đơn under Bookshelf.

Honkai Star Rail - Memory Bubbles

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Memory Bubbles are collectible floating xanh rớt orbs in Herta Space Station that contain the memories of different people from all parts of the universe of Honkai Star Rail.

Memory Bubble Unlock Guide and Locations

Honkai Star Rail - Warp Trotters

Warp Trotters are a unique type of enemy that spawn in the different locations of Honkai: Star Rail. When challenged and defeated, these small creatures will drop a variety of rewards, including Honkai: Star Rail's premium currency, Stellar Jade.

However, tự note that if you take too long vĩ đại defeat them, Warp Trotters will flee the battle, making you lose out on any of their potential rewards in the process.

Warp Trotter Enemy Guide

Puzzles are special locations in each map that offer a one-time reward for players that manage vĩ đại solve them. Explore the different locations in Honkai Star Rail vĩ đại find, solve, and reap the rewards of these puzzles.

All Puzzle Solutions
Magflow LinkMagflow Link Puzzle Solutions FoolFool's Box Puzzle Solutions
Mine Cart TestMine Cart Test Puzzle Solutions Navigation CompassNavigation Compass Puzzle Solutions
Luminflux PyxisLuminflux Pyxis Puzzle Solutions Unearthly MarvelUnearthly Marvel Puzzle Solutions
HexanexusHexanexus Puzzle Solutions Mutare MagnusMutare Magnus Puzzle Solutions
HexanexusAbacus Circuitry Puzzle Solutions -

Honkai Star Rail - Calyx

Crimson and Golden Calyxes in Honkai: Star Rail provide upgrade materials for both characters and Light Cones.

Crimson and Golden Calyx Locations and Rewards

Stagnant Shadow

Stagnant Shadows are battles that players can lập cập repeatedly vĩ đại farm Ascension Materials for Characters sánh they can level up past each Equilibrium level limit.

Stagnant Shadow Bosses and How vĩ đại Unlock

Cavern of Corrosion

Cavern of Corrosion are battles that players can lập cập repeatedly vĩ đại farm Relic Sets. Unlike Genshin Impact, Caverns of Corrosion have no daily rotation schedule, therefore all Relic Sets will be available vĩ đại farm at any time.

All Cavern of Corrosion Locations

Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe is a challenge where you move through several areas, fight enemies vĩ đại obtain buffs, and defeat the quấn at the kết thúc vĩ đại obtain rewards lượt thích Planar Ornaments and upgrade materials.

Simulated Universe Guide

Honkai Star Rail - Forgotten Hall

Forgotten Hall is a game mode wherein players attempt vĩ đại defeat enemies within a mix number of turns in order vĩ đại obtain Stellar Jades and other various rewards lượt thích Lost Crystals.

Forgotten Hall Guide

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