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My Hotpot Story is a story that simulates a hotpot cửa hàng lập cập by a high-class chef, who is you. This is a perfect choice for a hot meal with the family in the cold winter. If you think that the owner of a crowded restaurant is just sitting at trang chính collecting money. Then you made a big mistake. In My Hotpot Story’s hot pot restaurant, players need to tướng vì thế everything they can. Create new hot pot recipes, create grocery shopping schedules, train chefs and waiters, etc. The cửa hàng setting takes on a familiar style with a bit of history and modernity. Chinese-style doors, famous for Chongqing hot pot.

At the beginning of the game, you are just a chef who has just finished training. Have a little capital to tướng rent an old restaurant from someone else. Their business went bankrupt, and had to tướng sell this abandoned house. Embark on the job of cleaning up the remaining remnants. Old wooden tables and chairs are scattered. The paintings on the walls are rotting. Papers, cups, and dishes were scattered all over the floor. But fortunately, this is an old restaurant, sánh players can take advantage of available tools that are still usable. The restaurant is divided into two main parts, the kitchen area, and the main house. It costs 350 coins to tướng clean the main cửa hàng and 200 coins for the kitchen.

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Download My Hotpot Story mod – A Chinese hot pot restaurant located on the busiest street in Shanghai

The player’s job is quite simple when a guest comes and sits at the table. There is a sticky note that pops up for the staff to tướng record the requested dishes. Then back to tướng the kitchen, on the table are placed bowls of spices and food. Players choose the ingredients required to tướng make that dish. Put in the pot and wait for the result. Put the finished product into a bowl and bring it back to tướng the table to tướng serve customers. Then wait for them to tướng finish eating and collect the green coins. When finished eating, a white broom appeared on the dining table. Just click on it, and it will clean up automatically. After a white smoke and dust rose, the cleaned dishes and chopsticks were clean and shiny.

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Various restaurant styles

As a famous hotpot cửa hàng owner, players can build this place according to tướng their style and direction. Bringing the ancient Chinese style. A domed cửa hàng with quaint white walls. On the signboard in front of the restaurant, there is a Chinese text for the name of the restaurant. Or in the modern European style, the windows are completely replaced with light yellow glass. Sitting inside eating hot pot, you can observe the street scene passing by. Or Japanese style with wooden sliding doors. Dining tables and chairs were replaced by low tables. Bonsai pots bring a cool feeling when eating hot pot.

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My Hotpot Story apk

Happy buffet

When your hot pot restaurant has become famous, have money to tướng buy expensive finished products. Instead of serving traditional hot pot dishes, a Búp Phê hot pot cửa hàng can be opened. A chain of conveyor belts is placed in the center of the cửa hàng. Your job is to tướng quickly place the available dishes on the plate that fills the conveyor belt. Customers sit on tables and chairs and get what they want. After the diners have finished eating, your staff needs to tướng quickly clear the table. Hire more staff to tướng tốc độ up serving crowded guests. There is always a big fat chef wearing a white shirt as the NPC. Follow his instructions and activities to tướng quickly integrate.

My Hotpot Story mod apk

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Busy kitchen

In the main kitchen of the store, where the process of creating new recipes takes place. There has never been a time when the kitchen smoke ceased. There are always chefs going back and forth to tướng please diners. The kitchen is also divided into several different zones. There is a chef’s cooking area that always has golden flames burning. There are glass cabinets for cakes and dishes that need to tướng be preserved and eaten cold. On the table are prepared hotpots waiting to tướng be served to tướng guests. There is a dedicated table for preparing ingredients. Slice meat, chop bones, vegetables, corn, and potatoes, and arrange them on plates beautifully.

My Hotpot Story mod

While the guests enjoy their meals, players can bring musical teams to tướng the floor. Hire them cheaply for them to tướng perform musicals, noodle dances, etc. Then each guest at the table has a tip for these performers. And, of course, that money will go to tướng your hands. The guests also varied in age and class. There are bosses who wear elegant suits. Old men and women with sticks come to tướng eat with their families. The traveling friends wear flashy clothes. Download My Hotpot Story mod Chinese hot pot restaurant serving hot and crowded.

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