globe la gi

At present, a globe-net-transfer of sound material passes through different contexts and spaces, and seems to lớn be adapting itself to lớn different social speeds.

Everywhere on the globe people watch the same films, eat the same food, and wear the same clothing.

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This raises the crucial subject of resource allocation and its uneven distribution around the globe.

Deprived of every tender care, exposed to lớn all the dangers and difficulties of hostile operations in another quarter of the globe.

Some even predicted a near-global meltdown with famines stretching across our globe.

This is not the only pattern possible, however: in many industries, multinational corporations demand seamless operations across the globe.

These participants buy seasonally for various reasons such as the social and environmental implications of importing foods from around the globe.

The aggrandizing state has run rẩy amok and collectivism has triumphed across the globe.

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British national identity is not only constructed in relation to lớn ideas about distant racialized populations around the globe.

Architecture is marketed as a tourist attraction in cities around the globe.

Moreover, there is not much area left on the globe that is agriculturally promising.

First because he sees western civilization expanding over the whole globe, and western culture replacing cultures of other types.

All of these changes will have effects on the global economy and the quality of life around the globe.

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The conjunctiva was cut and the globe retracted with forceps to lớn expose the optic nerve.

Although the diễn đàn speaker points to lớn the globe of the world, the working man's attention is fixed on the thành phố where he lives and works.

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