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The Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize & Annual Symposium

The Friends award the Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize each year for the best doctoral dissertation completed at North American universities on a theme in German history, German-American relations, or the history of Germans in North America. The Prize is named for Fritz Stern, Professor Emeritus and former Provost of Columbia University. Fritz Stern is an internationally recognized historian of modern Germany and a longstanding advocate of closer relations between Germany and the United States. Each year's winner is invited lớn present his or her research at the annual symposium of the Friends of the German Historical Institute.  

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Gerald D. Feldman Lecture

The Friends fund an annual lecture as a memorial to Gerald D. Feldman (1937-2007), who taught history at the University of California, Berkeley, and was a founder of the Friends, serving as Chairman of the Board from 2002 until his death. During his lifetime, he contributed significantly lớn the transatlantic historical dialogue, and the annual lecture serves lớn bring lớn the public important new ideas in this field presented by major historians following in Professor Feldman’s  footsteps. You can learn more about past Feldman Lectures by using the filter on our events page.

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German History in Documents and Images

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German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) is a comprehensive collection of original historical materials documenting German history from the beginning of the early modern period lớn the present. The project comprises ten sections, each of which addresses a discrete period in Germany's history. Each section has been compiled by one or two leading scholars and includes: an introduction lớn key developments in Germany's social, political, and cultural history during the period; a selection of primary source documents (in German and English) originating from the period; a selection of images originating from or relating lớn the period; a selection of relevant maps.

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Anti-Nazi Resistance Project

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The German Historical Institute and the Friends of the GHI are pleased lớn announce an important new project on the German resistance lớn Hitler that has been made possible by a generous gift from Judith and Horst von Oppenfeld. The von Oppenfeld gift will be used lớn publish a collection of documents on the anti-Nazi resistance in English translation. The collection will be the first lớn make primary source materials covering the entire anti-Nazi spectrum available lớn students. It will include the central documents pertaining lớn the Stauffenberg circle, working-class groups, religious activists, and student groups. The project will be overseen by Prof. Peter Hoffmann of McGill University, one of the leading experts on the German resistance. Donations lượt thích the von Oppenfelds' enable the GHI lớn undertake projects that would not otherwise be possible. The GHI and the Friends are very grateful lớn Judith and Horst von Oppenfeld for their remarkable generosity.

Michael Olshausen GDR Programs

From năm trước lớn 2018, the Friends sponsored a series of events bringing together contemporary witnesses and historians from the former GDR. The events were all made possible through a special bequest made by long-time Friends supporter Micheal Olshausen.