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ZingPlay - The kingdom of interesting and exciting games, is the leading multi-platform entertainment game portal in Vietnam! Developed by ZingPlay trò chơi Studios under VNG, ZingPlay brings quality game experiences, moments of fun, entertainment and intellectual challenges not to tướng be missed.

ZingPlay has always been known as a prestigious thẻ game portal with 15+ years of accompanying Vietnamese players, especially folk thẻ games such as Tien Len, Ta La, Mau Binh and Sam Loc. With ZingPlay, you have the opportunity to tướng test your skills and show off your top playing skills through

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◾ Diverse thẻ game system: Experience the thrill of Southern Tien Len, Ta La's wisdom, Mau Binh's tactics and Sam Loc's challenge.

◾ Immersive Experience: With exquisite graphics and vivid sound, ZingPlay offers an authentic experience lượt thích playing at trang chính. You will feel the excitement and thrill of each game.

◾ Connect and compete: Beat millions of other gamers and prove your bravery. Be the star of ZingPlay and show your excellence in weekly tournaments and events.

◾ Vibrant Community: Exchange and make friends with more phàn nàn 8 million players across the country. Show off your talents, share experiences and enjoy the excitement with new friends.

◾ Regular updates: ZingPlay always brings the latest updates, ensuring you will never get bored. Stay tuned for new games and exciting features in the near future.

ZingPlay is also famous for its diverse games that are "refreshed" from childhood games associated with the 8x, 9x generations such as Co Billionaire, Garden in the Clouds, Sinh Tu Mon! Whether you are looking for intense battles or moments of relaxing entertainment, ZingPlay will not let you down.

1. iCa: Shoot fish with iCa and become a giant with 11 different types of guns. Take up the challenge from the super-terrible BOSS and experience the xinh đẹp graphics. Thousands of không tính phí gold every day are waiting for you.

2. Billiards: Try billiards with the game Billiards. Experience various game modes such as 8 ball, 9 ball and Phom billiards. Sharp graphics and vivid effects will make you fall in love.

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3. Billionaire Chess: Roll the dice and build your own empire in the game Billionaire Chess. Interact with hundreds of thousands of other players, discover adorable chibi characters, and experience vivid 3 chiều graphics.

4. Seahorse Chess: Join Seahorse Chess game and experience the attraction of sophisticated 3 chiều interface with rich chibi character system and diverse skills, promising to tướng bring exciting chess matches.

5. Chess: Discover wisdom and tactical gameplay through the game of Chess. Beautiful interface, nearly 500,000 users and new Chess game mode will bring you realistic and attractive matches.

6. Life and Death Gate: Join the hot tactical battle of the hottest strategy game today. Show your leadership and lead a large army to tướng victory.

7. Cloud Garden: Create your own garden in the game Garden in the Clouds. Make friends from the four directions, plant trees and decorate them in your own style and challenge the god of Luck to tướng receive attractive rewards.

8. Radish Town: Become the mayor of a town in the latest farming game 2023 Radish Town. Grow crops, trade and share with friends, immerse yourself in the xinh đẹp 3 chiều visuals and sounds of the farming world.

9. Ngu Chien: Immerse yourself in the fierce ocean battle with the game Ngu Chien. Show tactical thinking with the fast, minimalist, dramatic gameplay of the Auto-Battle 5v5 series

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10. Fatty Fish: Join a unique fish shooting adventure in the game Fatty Fish. Use a huge arsenal of guns, race to tướng the top every week to tướng receive valuable rewards.

- The phone needs a constant Internet connection.
- Support Android operating system from version 4.0.3 and above.
- Size is only 24MB!

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