Top 15 best pc turn based rpg games that you should play

These are some of the best không tính phí turn-based strategy games that you can play right now, providing hours of entertainment.

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Turn-based strategy games have a slower pace than real-time strategy games, but that's part of their appeal. You can take your time khổng lồ think and react to other player's moves.

If you want to enjoy some fun turn-based strategy games, we've got you sorted with a round-up of browser-based & downloadable titles. These are the best free turn-based strategy games that you can play right now.


Founded in 1996, the Freeciv project is one of the oldest & most well-regarded không tính tiền turn-based strategy games ever released. It's an incredibly rich game that evolves constantly thanks to lớn being open-source. You can download the game, or play it online at Freeciv-web.

The project began the same year Civilization II released, so it's little surprise that Freeciv largely replicates the style of that game. It retains the older 2 chiều graphics (though there is a 3d WebGL version) và many features, such as the simplified combat system. This will be advantageous khổng lồ some; the direction of the Civilization series since Civilization II isn't universally loved.

Are you a Civilization fan? Then here's how to lớn play Civilization on your smartphone.


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Taking inspiration from Freeciv, Freeorion is a project that attempts to lớn replicate the glory of the original Masters of Orion. After the introduction of the universally panned third entry into the series, the franchise wobbled. It's understandable that a không lấy phí project would begin.

Freeorion hasn't been around nearly as long as Freeciv, but it's still an excellent choice if you like turn-based space strategy games. The style is very reminiscent of the first two Orion games, except with a crisp, high-resolution interface.


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This downloadable game is a recreation of the classic BattleTech board game. In MegaMek, you command a number of huge, hulking warrior machines in battle against an opposing force of the same. You have a number of lasers & missiles at your disposal.

MegaMek includes an AI opponent for offline play, and it's reasonably competent, but the real fun of MegaMek is the online multiplayer.

BattleTech is fun lớn play, but lượt thích most complex board games, it can get bogged down under the weight of its own rules. With the computer handling the complexity in MegaMek, you’re free to play the game and pay attention lớn your battalion of machines.

Battle for Wesnoth is a miễn phí turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy chiến dịch that spans many centuries, set across the land & sea. It features quests lượt thích reclaiming a throne or uncovering magical jewels. Once you're done with the game's missions, you can tải về lots of community-created campaigns.

There's also an excellent online mode, where you can choose between seven factions và battle friends và strangers in over 50 maps. You can even create your own maps and take it online.

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If you lượt thích turn-based strategy games, you've likely played the board trò chơi Settlers of Catan. Colonist is a không lấy phí web alternative khổng lồ that built in HTML5, so it will work on your desktop, smartphone, & tablet. You could even play this board trò chơi over Zoom!

In the game, you control a colonist & your aim is lớn build a civilization và expand your territory. Build settlements, gain points, & avoid attacks from enemies. You can either play solo against the computer, or battle it out against others online.

Geopolitics is your classic real-time strategy game that's all about conquering the world. You begin with control of a capital which generates gold. You then need to lớn use this gold to buy an army and occupy nearby provinces to expand your power.

Geopolitics isn't groundbreaking, but it's simple, fun, và has a nice charm thanks to its px art. As an added bonus, it runs entirely in your browser & requires no download.

Remnants of the Precursors is another không tính tiền real-time strategy trò chơi that clones the features of the 1993 classic Master of Orion. This is a downloadable game that is available for Windows, macOS, & Linux.

In Remnants of the Precursors, you choose your alien race & then lead it to galaxy domination. You vì chưng this through developing technology, exploring space, & colonizing where you can. Come for the fun animal/space hybrid artwork, stay for the deep strategy.

The Risk board game has been around in various forms since 1957. RISK: Global Domination is a free-to-play version that you can grab from Steam. In case you don't know, in Risk you need khổng lồ control all the territories on the maps and take down the other players as you do so.

This version features multiple modes, lượt thích single player và online multiplayer, over 40 maps, numerous scenarios, and various difficulty settings to adjust to your play style. It also liên kết in with the excellent board game app for Android and iPhone.

If you're after a more lighthearted turn-based strategy game, then Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is for you. It pits monsters lượt thích Medusa, Frankenstein, và Bigfoot against one another in matches that last between three và five minutes.

There's an adventure mode that you can work through to lớn unlock more monsters, which you can then unlock moves & skills for. There's also a fun endless survival mode if you want khổng lồ put your wits to lớn the test.

Age of Conquest lets you control armies across the world and throughout history, like the Roman Empire, Chinese Dynasties, the Incas, và more. You must expand your nation while controlling diplomacy, finances, and resources.

When you get bored with the single-player campaign, you can hop online to challenge friends & foes alike. There's also a great bản đồ editor so that you can build your own campaigns or tải về other people's to create hours of endless fun.

More không lấy phí Strategy Games Worth Playing

There are lots of turn-based strategy games lớn buy, but why pay a dime when these miễn phí ones will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, some of these you can play in your browser, meaning you don't need lớn wait around for a download to complete.

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