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MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!!! Declaring an Emergency!Jumbo Jet Flight Simulator is a flight simulator game consisting of 6 different jumbo jets that were popularly used in commercial aviation. Built using Airfoil physics the game delivers a highly realistic Flight Simulation experience on mobile devices. Jumbo Jet Flight Simulator also features Disaster Missions which are based on real-life air crashes where a major malfunction cripples the aircraft. This is your chance to display phenomenal airmanship and pilot the airplane back lớn a safe landing or face impossible odds and fight till the bitter end.The trò chơi also features Day/Night cycles, Dynamic Weather, không tính tiền fly mode, and a Cockpit view. Unlike most flight simulation games on mobile, Jumbo Jet Flight Simulator offers a comprehensive các mục of control systems, instruments and warning systems.Control systems:Ailerons(roll control)Elevators(pitch control)Rudder(yaw control)FlapsSpoilersTrimReverse ThrustAsymmetric Thrust on EnginesAutopilotBrakesLanding GearInstruments:AltimeterAirspeed IndicatorAttitude IndicatorHeadingVertical tốc độ IndicatorTurn IndicatorSlip/Skid IndicatorWarning Systems:Stall WarningBank Angle WarningTerrain WarningLanding Gear WarningMaster CautionAircrafts:Airbus A380Nicknamed as SuperJumbo, A380 is the world’s largest full-length double-deck airliner with a seating capacity of 525. With 4 turbofan engines the Airbus A380 can fly for 14,800 km.Boeing 747Dubbed as the original ‘Jumbo Jet’ , Boeing 747 is the world’s first wide-body airliner. Also called ‘Queen of the skies’, more than 1,500 aircraft were built over a span of 50 years.Ilyushin Il-86Often remembered as ‘USSR's first wide-bodied aircraft’, the Ilyushin Il-86 was built by the Ilyushin kiến thiết bureau for the Soviet Union. Out of the 100+ airplanes that were built, only 3 remain in service, all with the Russian Air Force.Lockheed L-1011 TriStarBuilt by Lockheed Corporation, the ‘Tristar’ came into production in the 1970s khổng lồ compete against Boeing 747 & the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. A total of 250 Tristars were built và only one remains in service.Airbus A310Often known as the world's first twin-jet wide-body airplane with range long enough for it to be operated on transatlantic flights, Airbus A310 first came into production in 1983. Boeing 777Commonly referred to lớn as the ‘Triple Seven’, it is the first Boeing aircraft with fly-by-wire controls. First launched in 1995, 777 had become the most-produced Boeing wide-body jet, overtaking the 747.Jump into the cockpit and see if you have what it takes to pilot a Jumbo Jet!

* màn chơi Difficulty Tweaks* Emergency Missions can be unlocked by watching an Ad* Rewinds can be earned by watching an Ad