Dragon ball: sự thật đằng sau câu chuyện "hư cấu" về super saiyan 5 của goku và tầm ảnh hưởng của nó đến các sức mạnh sau này

Super Saiyan 5: How Fans Were Robbed of long Ball's Wildest Final size Super Saiyan 5 has been a source of rumors in the long Ball fandom for some time, but how would the theoretical size actually work in-canon?

super saiyan 5 Dragon Ball is probably best known for its fight scenes and dramatic nguồn boosts, which usually result in a new form for a fighter. The Super Saiyan khung is the most famous khổng lồ come out of the series, notorious for its levels of escalating power. Since the transformation"s debut in Dragon Ball Z, there have been multiple levels introduced.Bạn vẫn xem: Super saiyain 5 is rồng ball's wildest final form

The levels of Super Saiyan vary in usefulness và usage, but all get their time in the sun -- even the currently-not-canon Super Saiyan 4. But one that has been mentioned but never explored in the canon universe is Super Saiyan 5.

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The first time SSJ5 was brought up was in Dragon Ball GT, during a discussion between Vegeta and Bulma. While GT is no longer canon, one thing that fans still hold onto from the series is the idea of Super Saiyan 5. In the episode, Bulma is working on a "Blutz Wave Generator" that she hopes will help Vegeta produce the energy needed lớn reach Super Saiyan 4. She goes on to say that it will help him produce so much energy that he "might even reach Super Saiyan 5." Although Bulma"s just joking, Vegeta notes that Super Saiyan 5 could be possible.

But, despite its "could"ve been" status, it"s still fun khổng lồ imagine what Super Saiyan 5 would be like. Were a Saiyan khổng lồ achieve the form, it could look like any combination of previous Super Saiyans. The general consensus among fans seems to lớn be that it would include the ape-like appearance of Super Saiyan 4, but with an altered màu sắc pallet. The Saiyan"s hair would grow longer và muscles would grow bigger, as usual, but the màu sắc of the hair & fur would be the same, maybe gold or silver. Proponents of the idea seem lớn agree that the hair would grow lớn the length of Super Saiyan 3, the previous canon transformation.

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It"s also likely that lớn generate the energy needed to reach Super Saiyan 5, the user would need to lớn be able to lớn use God Ki. This would mean that, instead of a cross between 3 và 4, 5 would be a cross between 4 & God. Because both SSJ4 and Saiyan God isn"t part of the linear path of the original Super Saiyan form, they could possibly be stacked. In this form, the energy output đầu ra would be tremendous và most likely boost the user"s attacks khổng lồ a degree never seen before -- maybe even lớn a world-ending degree, much lượt thích Frieza"s Earth Breaker attack. And, of course, the size would come with a physical nguồn boost.

However, there would definitely be major side effects of using so much energy. In addition khổng lồ this, there are time limits to lớn both the Super Saiyan 4 & Super Saiyan God forms. Combining them would most likely result in a shorter time limit for a combination form, though a size like Super Saiyan 5 would likely be tough lớn maintain even without being a bộ combo form. It"s possible that in order to maintain the khung for any extended amount of time, the user would need lớn drain the energy of those around them, whether consciously or unconsciously. Generating enough energy for the Spirit Bomb takes many people giving their energy to one person, so it"s possible that a higher Super Saiyan khung could require something similar.

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Only time will tell whether Toriyama eventually answers fans" call for Super Saiyan 5. But, to bởi vì so, he"d need lớn work around the elephant in the room that is GT and Super Saiyan 4. Despite no clear version in canon, fans all across the internet have filled in the gaps left by a simple line in what Toriyama calls a side story.

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