Flush Là Gì

When you flush, you become red in the face, especially as a result of strong emotions, heat, or alcohol:

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to operate a nhà wc after it has been used by pressing a handle or button, or (of a toilet) to lớn operate in this way:
Flushing patches with low pressure water from a sprinkler system was completely ineffective sầu, he said.
But there are companies where negative sầu behavior is an outlier, meaning it stands out & is eventually flushed out, one way or another.
Medications can also get into lớn the sewage system when people và organizations like hospitals, & nursing homes flush unused drugs.
Prior research has shown that well over a quarter, or 28%, of water used within the average household is the result of nhà wc flushing.
The brain also flushes out excess synapses -- the connections between neurons -- that size during waking hours.
In that case she"ll either wait for the person lớn leave, or pretend that she"s already finished, flush, wash her hands, and leave.
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the government system for providing for the health needs và services of all the people of a country or region

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