Fibre Là Gì

a very thin glass or plastic thread through which light can travel to carry information, especially in phone, television, and computer systems:
The growth of fibre broadband subscriptions clearly indicates consumer demand for ultra-fast speeds.

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a substance in certain foods, such as fruit, vegetables, and brown bread, that travels through the toàn thân as waste and helps the contents of the bowels to pass through the toàn thân easily:
The term refers to lớn a disruption of interconnecting fibres that links spatially distributed regions in the brain.
As the industrial process involves large shear stresses, fibres will slip over one another, & we assume the material to lớn be an anisotropic viscous continuum.
In previous studies on platyhelminths, the effects of peptide modulators of the neuromuscular system have been examined on muscle strips or dispersed muscle fibres.
It is difficult lớn attribute changes in parasite survival simply to lớn the addition of fibre, because of complexity of the comparison diets.
Similar muscle fibres were observed in the present study, but we consider that they represent incompletely separated fibres following digestion.
Were the plants used as a source of food and applications for its fibres were realized later or was it vice versa?
Can we exploit understanding of the molecular organisation of elastic fibres khổng lồ engineer robust replacement elastic tissues such as small-diameter arteries & ligaments?
Despite exceptional recent research progress in understanding elastic-fibre assembly & function, many questions remain to lớn be addressed.
We have produced recombinant human tropoelastin, và characterised coascervation in the absence or presence of other elastic-fibre molecules, thereby generating composite elastic-fibre biomaterials.
In cell cultures, tropoelastin expression is generally low, và ordered elastic fibres are not often deposited.
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These are words often used in combination with fibre.

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A garment could be described as pure wool, whereas it is later manufactured in artificial fibre, which could cause skin disorder.
Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the open Parliament Licence v3.0
It was shown that asbestos cement pipes did not appreciably raise the asbestos fibre content of water, & the levels found were within the range which occurred naturally.

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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the open Parliament Licence v3.0
Cement bonded particle boards have treated wood flakes as reinforcement, whereas in cement fibre boards have cellulose fibre, which is a plant extract as reinforcement.