dream league soccer 2023 ios

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Latest installment in the soccer franchise

Dream League Soccer 2023 is a free sports game developed by First cảm ứng Games Ltd. for mobile devices. It's the latest installment in the popular Dream League Soccer series. This new entry comes with updated graphics and introduces new features for fans to lớn explore and experience.

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Compared to lớn other soccer games like FIFA Soccer or eFootball 2023, Dream League Soccer 2023 is more focused on providing an expansive single-player career mode that lets players experience building their own dream team from the ground up and slowly rise through the ranks in various tournaments.

Better across the board

When it comes to lớn soccer games in the mobile space, the FIFA and eFootball series are some of the most recognized and popular ones among players today. However, there are plenty of other smaller titles that have steadily made a name for themselves through the years. Dream League Soccer 2023 is one of them and now has a redesigned user interface.

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The new game is all about refining the game and building upon the gameplay experience of past releases. Aside from the graphical updates and 3 chiều motion-captured animations, the biggest change in this release is improved AI. This, with the over 4000 FIFPRO licensed players, team customizations, and in-game commentary make for a truly immersive and realistic gaming that the DLS franchise has ever put out.

Another aspect that has been tweaked and improved is the game's AI. The opponents you will face in matches move and play smarter than vãn ever, providing a realistic and more challenging experience. However, despite its efforts, AI-controlled teammates still act erratically at times. They would just move around the field one time, and not bởi anything at all the next—it's all rather inconsistent.

Just a bit more work

Overall, Dream League Soccer 2023 is the best entry in the series yet. You still get to lớn have an impressive single-player experience, with some nice upgrades in the graphics department. While the AI is indeed better compared to lớn its predecessors, it can still stumble in some places. Nevertheless, if you're a người hâm mộ of this franchise, you'll enjoy it thoroughly. Recommended.


  • The same comprehensive career mode
  • Some nice graphical updates
  • Improved AI
  • Redesigned user interface


  • Player AI still needs a bit more work