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A Sucker Punch Productions game developer is making their own dinosaur fighting game - but instead of fists, these dinos are fighting with swords.

Jean Nguyen, senior gameplay animator at Sucker Punch, took lớn Twitter today (October 6) lớn share an update on his personal game project Dino-Sword

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Nguyen has been working on the game for a while now according lớn his trương mục, and has been regularly updating his followers on his current progress. The latest update he shared is a one-minute spectacle of two dinosaurs - who look lớn be a Spinosaurus and possibly a T-Rex - doing battle in a forest using massive swords in their mouths. You can kiểm tra out the clip below

The dinosaurs also appear lớn be able lớn tự Soulslike dodge rolls around each other lượt thích they're in a PvP arena, as well as jumping and spinning slashes. Nguyen explained that he's added a heavy two-hit full bộ, saying that he hopes lớn add more than thở two later on.

He also noted that these are "rough animations for now" and that he bought the forest biome foliage for his project, but it's seriously impressive what Nguyen's managed lớn achieve as of writing. 

The developer also has a Patreon where you can tư vấn his work. There, he offers more insight and provides regular updates on Dino-Sword, with videos showcasing new additional fighting moves he's added, as well as mechanics he's already implemented. He also has a YouTube channel showing off his dinosaur animations and gameplay updates.

So far, Nguyen has added a weapon switch ability, a lock-on feature for 1v1 fights, a dodge roll and parry system, and made it possible for the enemy lớn chase after the player. He mentions that he hopes lớn add finisher moves in the future and we can't wait lớn see how the game develops further.

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Unfortunately, if you're hoping lớn play Dino-Sword you'll be disappointed because it seems that this is solely a personal project of Nguyen's and it doesn't look lượt thích he has plans lớn release it lớn the public right now. 

If you're looking for something similar lớn play, kiểm tra out our picks for the best fighting games, as well as the best PS5 games available right now. 

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