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Thông tin yêu không tồn tại độ quý hiếm nếu như nó ko đáp ứng một mục tiêu nào là cơ. Sinh viên MIS học tập cơ hội những công ty dùng vấn đề nhằm nâng cấp hoạt động và sinh hoạt của doanh nghiệp. Người học tập cũng học tập cơ hội vận hành khối hệ thống vấn đề không giống nhau nhằm đáp ứng tốt nhất có thể yêu cầu của những ngôi nhà vận hành, nhân viên cấp dưới và người tiêu dùng. Sinh viên MIS học tập thủ tục thế nào là muốn tạo rời khỏi khối hệ thống thuận tiện cho tới việc dò la dò la, tàng trữ tài liệu, mạng PC, bảo mật thông tin PC, và nhiều loại không giống nữa.

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Qu NH Cute Phô Mai Que

Thông tin yêu không tồn tại độ quý hiếm nếu như nó ko đáp ứng một mục tiêu nào là cơ. Sinh viên MIS học tập cơ hội những công ty dùng vấn đề nhằm nâng cấp hoạt động và sinh hoạt của doanh nghiệp. Người học tập cũng học tập cơ hội quả…

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Q1: Analyze and Walmart using the value chain and competitive forces models.Answer: Competitive forces models:

 Amazon and Walmart are both competitors in the real world as well as in online retail. - Amazon already has a giant presence on the internet with everyone purchasing electronics vĩ đại books vĩ đại now grocery with Amazon acquiring Whole Foods. This new form of grocery shopping has made the task easy for everyone, a few clicks on a screen and you have a week’s worth of groceries. Where Amazon exceeds the most is their variety of goods and many price tags, giving different kinds of buyers differentkinds of options. - However, Walmart is stuck to the confines of its physical stores, and their online shopping is in its infancy while Amazon has been around for a while.- The competitive forces models+Traditional competitor: Amazon vs Walmart competition in the marketplace+Low-cost leader: Amazon and Walmart provide the lowest price vĩ đại customers and keep competing in the lowest price+Newmarket entrants: both are the biggest company in E-commerce and physical stores +Substitute Products and Services: the competition in discount of two companies is prominent

Value chain models:

- In the e-commerce world, Amazon is the big shark. But in the grocery pool, it’s still a small fish. The company currently dominates online grocery sales. "We bring the items vĩ đại your doorstep. You don’t have vĩ đại fight through traffic or find a parking space.” But when it comes vĩ đại shopping in actual grocery stores, the picture changes. Whole Foods accounts for a small fraction of industry sales, while major players lượt thích Walmart, Kroger, Costco, and Dollar General dominate and are rapidly improving their in-store and online experiences. - Walmart is the biggest grocery store in America and while it’s trying vĩ đại compete with Amazon in the online retail market they have not penetrated the market the way  Amazon has with their diverse product range (Amazon Prime; same day, one day or two-day shipping; also including their partnership with Kindle). Walmart is learning from their competitors by offering delivery options vĩ đại their loyal customers, just as

 Amazon is. It also has a legendary continuous inventory replenishment system that starts restocking merchandise as soon as an item reaches the checkout counter. Walmart's efficiency, flexibility, and ability vĩ đại fine-tune its inventory vĩ đại carry exactly what customers want have been enduring sources of competitive advantage. Walmart also has a significant physical presence, with stores all across the United States and in many other countries, and its stores provide the instant gratification of shopping, buying an item, and taking it home immediately, as opposed vĩ đại waiting when ordering from Amazon. However, Walmart can lose money selling a hot product at extremely low margins and expect vĩ đại make money on the strength of the large quantities of other items it sells.

Q2: Compare the role of grocery sales in Amazon and Walmart’s business strategies.Answer:

While they both sell loads of products, Amazon and Walmart vary in where their money comes in from. Amazon is an e-commerce and Walmart is primarily physical stores with the exception of their online store.  Amazon’s main business strategy is having the range vĩ đại offer their customers and great delivery options vĩ đại keep their customers coming back. As customers rely more heavily on the ease, tốc độ, and convenience of e-commerce, they will increasingly extend those online buying habits vĩ đại grocery shopping. A study commissioned by themarket-research firm Euromonitor projects that the online market is projected vĩ đại grow15 times faster phàn nàn the rest of the restaurant business through the over of the decade. Even as Walmart and other retailers increase their online grocery presence,  Amazon will have plenty of opportunities vĩ đại nab customers, including its more phàn nàn 49 million Prime members.Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, has been remodeling stores in addition vĩ đại investing and testing in click-and-collect programs, stand-alone grocery pick-up sites,and scanning and paying for items with smartphones. Shortly after Amazon purchased Whole Foods vĩ đại grab a foothold in the grocery business, Walmart decidedto promote the distribution of its own grocery delivery service. Walmart’s main focus is on their physical stores as it's where most, if not all their sales come from, but they

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are trying vĩ đại get into the e-commerce business and loyalty programs. Amazon's entryinto the grocery business is not a slam dunk. But consumers have long indicated thatthey want an omnichannel experience when they cửa hàng, as well as the added flexibility of being able vĩ đại pick up their orders at store locations.

Q3: What role does information technology play in these strategies?Answer:

 Walmart is crafting a strategy that gives consumers the best of both worlds—what is called an omnichannel approach vĩ đại retailing. Walmart's management believes the company's advantage is that it is not a pure-play e-commerce retailer and that customers want some real interaction with physical stores as well as digital. Walmart will sell vigorously through the trang web and also in its physical stores, retaining its hallmark everyday low prices and wide product assortment in both channels, and using its large network of stores as distribution points. Walmart's trang web monitors prices at other retailers and lowers its online prices if necessary. It is also increasing the number of third-party retailers to compete with Amazon's vast field of suppliers. That helps increase the number of items available vĩ đại customers without Walmart having vĩ đại create new shipping logistics chains. For Walmart as they are relatively new, their information technology isn’t as complex as Amazon but to compete with them they need one, so sánh they can offer their services online. Walmart is developing a smartphone ứng dụng that will allow customers vĩ đại order items from if the local physical store is out of stock. Walmart’s Sam’s Clubs are testing a new subscription service that will allow customers vĩ đại order items online but not have vĩ đại pay shipping fees. Walmart will closely integrate online shopping and fulfillment with its physical stores so sánh that customers can cửa hàng however they want, whether it's ordering on their mobile phones for home delivery, through the in-store pickup, or by wandering down the aisles of a Walmart superstore. It looks lượt thích Amazon is trying vĩ đại innovate in physical retail store sales as well as online. Amazon has opened retail bookstores in Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, and other U.S. locations featuring Amazon electronic devices as well as books. It is thinking about moving into the grocery business as well as retail stores for furniture and appliances. These are retail experiences that lend themselves less easily vĩ đại online purchasing because customers lượt thích vĩ đại see and feel these types of goods in