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Game Review

Pokémon black Version 2 is Pokémon exactly as you remember it. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends entirely on you & your tastes. With a run-of-the-mill plot & a standard rock-paper-scissors one-on-one battle system, the game’s mechanics are not those of a revolutionary RPG, but then again, that has never been the case for the series. Rather, Pokémon black Version 2 excels exactly where its predecessors did–it’s about getting lost in a charming, engrossing adventure & catching, training, and trading enough khổng lồ forge a strong & trusting family of Pokémon. As the first fully-fledged sequels in the series, though, the game manages to lớn create a somewhat fresh experience by bringing just a little something new to the table.

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Along with its sister title, Pokémon black Version 2 is in many ways the end of an era for Pokémon. These two games are the franchise’s last mainline entries on the DS. For now, they are the last 2d games in the series–the last to rock that top-down, pixelated style that so many of us idolized in our childhood. As part of the fifth generation of Pokémon (play Pokémon online here) & the first-ever sequels for the franchise, however, the pair also represent Nintendo’s recognition that some degree of evolution would be necessary going forward.


Running on the same vi xử lý core mechanics & features as the rest of the series, Pokémon đen Version 2 sends you on a quest that you probably know & love. You take command of a silent protagonist and, after selecting one of three starter Pokémon, leave your quaint little hometown for the giant, breathing world on the outside. On your journey, you’ll catch and train Pokémon, collect all eight thể hình badges, take down a criminal organization, come face lớn face with your rival time & time again, and best each of the Elite Four in battle khổng lồ become the Pokemon League Champion. If that base adventure appeals to lớn you, you’ll love Pokemon black Version 2. If it doesn’t, then you won’t, và Pokémon in general likely isn’t for you.

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While the bộ vi xử lý core adventure in Pokémon đen Version 2 very much still dominates, it also takes advantage of its sequel status to lớn enhance its familiarity & world. Characters và enemies from Pokémon black still have a role lớn play, and the first game’s plot is explored and expanded on a deeper cấp độ than we were used khổng lồ in the series up khổng lồ this point. Gameplay, meanwhile, is largely in line with what you already know. You’ll be disappointed if you come in hoping for a revolutionary entry brimming with complexity and challenge. At the end of the day, we have a comfortable but genuine Pokémon experience on our hands.

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Pokémon đen Version 2 is a great Pokémon game, provided that you lượt thích Pokémon. Even as the franchise’s first direct sequel, it plays its cards safe–it doesn’t do too much with the opportunity to build a compelling or fleshed out plot, and game play mechanics are largely the same as we’ve always known. Still, it’s hard khổng lồ beat some facets of this series, và they’re deployed at full strength here. A surreal camaraderie emerges when a creature like Pidove joins you from the tall grass on a hazy, quiet early-game route & accompanies you all the way to lớn the Elite Four. Pokémon đen Version 2 is safely designed và rather easy, but beneath a simplistic hood is an enchanting journey where, as always, you build a family, conquer evil, & become a champion.