Kamen rider kabuto

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a game by Bandai, và Digifloyd
Platform: Playstation 2
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 9 votes
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Based on the Japanese franchise of the same name, Kamen Rider Kabuto for the PS2 has quite a lot lớn offer. Featuring an over the vị trí cao nhất sense of style in keeping with the original Kamen Rider show. A soundtrack that feels reminiscent of the old days of 70s anime & general japanese entertainment, & a fast paced combat style that puts you in the shoes of the titular rider himself.

The Perfect Tone

One of the best aspects of Kamen Rider Kabuto is just how well it manages lớn capture the tone crafted in the original television show. The designs of each character have a great sense of detail in terms of how accurate they are to those of the originals. Even characters that were added specifically for the game still have the mainstays of the series.


Robotic suits that are nearly nguồn rangers lượt thích in design, fitted with many different weapons both long range & short. Topped off with a narrator who amplifies the insanity of the kích hoạt packed fight scenes offered by the game. It almost feels like the insanely fun quái dị romp that is War of the Monsters. The trò chơi knows that it is a silly robot beat em up, & it really plays up that aspect of it in a way that only đoạn phim games really can!

Combat of the Kabuto

The combat of Kamen Rider Kabuto uses a rather simple but satisfying & fun system. Managing khổng lồ feel floaty & freeing while also holding a heavy weight behind each strike. Giving the player access to certain gadgets and abilities also helps lớn spice things up. Special transformations allow the player khổng lồ tear down enemies with lightning quick speed và intense impact. Battles typically concluding in a grandiose explosion of flair and robotic parts. The combat can become a bit repetitive over time, but the game itself is very short so it doesn’t overstay its welcome. The length of the trò chơi could be seen as a problem for some, but its old age now results in a much lower price.

Sound of the Rider

Kamen Rider Kabuto has a soundtrack that perfectly complements its source material. Waving và pulsating synths give the entire trò chơi a real classic feel lớn it. Elevated by some killer vocals that harken back khổng lồ the Japanese television openings of the time. Even if you’ve never been interested in these types of shows, there is a good chance that the music in this game will give you a very warm and nostalgic feel.

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Kamen Rider Kabuto is of course based on the franchise of the same name, and due to lớn that acts as an adaptation of some of the more notable events within said franchise. Capturing và showcasing direct events such as major fights and other plot points. The game manages khổng lồ be mostly similar khổng lồ the original, but sometimes changes a few things for more dramatic effect. Most of these changes only serve lớn make the story more suited for a video clip game format, and most of them simply change how things happen & not what exactly happens. Outside of that, there are a few completely original stages that help elongate the game and give the player even more nội dung than before.


Other Modes

Outside of the normal single player mode, Kabuto has a multiplayer mode as well. It is a rather simple couch versus mode which feels mostly the same as the main game. It is well made enough but lacks enough additive systems lớn make it feel worth trying out alongside the single player.

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Great visual designFeels like the movies và TV showWeighty và impactful combatFun and nostalgic soundtrack


Repetitive gameplayShort run time Lack of interesting multiplayer

Kamen Rider Kabuto is a very fun game that is a loving remembrance lớn its source material. The visual design and storyline is accurate khổng lồ the original franchise and though the combat may be repetitive after a while, it is still incredibly fun and the trò chơi never overstays its welcome.

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