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I’m Kaia, and I’m excited to tát show you ChatBot, an all-in-one platform that lets you build and launch AI chatbots without coding.

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ChatBot is a great way to tát deliver personalized customer service across your customers’ favorite communication channels around the clock.

In this video clip, I’ll walk you through ChatBot’s main functionalities and show you how they can help you improve your marketing, sales, and tư vấn.

First things first, let’s see how ChatBot is presented.

Here, you can see a personalized chatbot greeting that attracts a visitor's attention.

After clicking, it turns into a neat Chat Widget that you can customize to tát perfectly match your trang web design.

Ok, let’s see how the bot can help us. To find the information we need, we can choose one of the predefined answers or type our own question.

ChatBot lets you mix and match intuitive menus, images, and GIFs to tát create actionable chatbot nội dung that is more likely to tát engage the user than thở just simple text. Now, let’s kiểm tra out the inside of ChatBot to tát find out how the magic happens!

This is the ChatBot’s main dashboard.

Here, you can build your new chatbot story and access other stories that have already been created.

Below, you can find tutorial lessons that can help you get started with the building process.

At the bottom, there’s a Templates section. In ChatBot, a template is a ready-made chatbot scenario that you can easily import and customize to tát your needs. Let’s see the inside of the lead generation bot.

Here, you can see the dashboard of ChatBot's Visual Builder. At the center of the screen, you can see the conversation tree that is built with conversation blocks that are available in the thực đơn on the right-hand side.

In the thực đơn, starting from the top, we have Interactions that define the behavior of your chatbot and users.

Actions that help your chatbot better navigate conversations, validate user responses, or organize users.

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And LiveChat actions that are dedicated to tát users who are using LiveChat integration.

To add an element to tát your conversation tree, just drag it from the thực đơn, and drop it where you can see the plus icons.

You can easily manage the added block and edit its nội dung the way you want. When your chatbot is ready, you can test it using a built-in Testing Tool.

Using this feature, you can quickly verify whether your bot works as intended before it connects with customers.

And here’s the cherry on top. For your convenience, the new Visual Builder lets you switch between the light and dark mode, and choose your preferred view or navigation mode. Your chatbot is now ready and has started chatting with customers. Let’s see how it’s doing!

ChatBot Archives let you monitor your bot's performance in real time. Here, you can see what responses and bot actions were triggered and what information was collected during conversations.

With Archives, you can learn what type of issues your users experience and how they communicate with your chatbot.

To learn more about your users, view the User section. Here, you can see the list of all the users that have chatted with your chatbot.

You can export your new contacts to tát a CSV tệp tin and pass it to tát your CRM or tin nhắn automation software to tát connect with your new leads in the future.

If you would lượt thích to tát learn more about a specific user, you can tìm kiếm for them using filters and see their profile. You can kiểm tra their tin nhắn addresses, location, or add them to tát any of your segments.

Sometimes, you may need to tát get a better perspective on your chatbot’s performance. In that case, ChatBot Reports come in handy.

Here, you can see how many users have chatted with your chatbot during a specific period, kiểm tra out which interactions are the most popular, and open the heat map showing when your bots are the busiest. This can help you better plan your chatbot tư vấn and deliver more effective help.

If you find it difficult to tát create a perfect chatbot scenario the first time, you can always use the ChatBot Training section. It lets you improve your chatbot over time. You can review all unmatched user messages and train your chatbot to tát recognize them in the future. This will let you design more natural conversations and boost your chatbot efficiency.

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Are you too busy to tát find time to tát polish your chatbot yourself? Add your teammates to tát your tài khoản. You can share your work and expertise to tát create better customer interactions.

Last but not least, you can always kiểm tra out our Academy lessons to tát learn how to tát improve your bot-building skills. See how to tát build different bot types, and get hints on how to tát create more advanced chatbot interactions.

Don’t wait, start your không tính phí trial today and go build your first AI chatbot without coding.