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  • Teach u to tướng negotiate
  • Quiz u on vocabulary
  • Plan a surf trip to tướng Costa Rica
  • Draft a thank-you note
  • Explain this code
  • Help u train for a half marathon
  • Translate this recipe into Greek
  • Rank dog breeds for a small apartment
  • Help u plan a fun dinner party
  • Draft a social truyền thông media nội dung calendar
  • Explain why popcorn pops
  • Plan an itinerary for teens in Hong Kong
  • Design a database schema
  • Recommend an easy potluck dish
  • Help u build a budget
  • Critique my short story
  • Find gentle lower back stretches
  • Make this recipe vegetarian
  • Explain options trading lượt thích I'm 5
  • Help u pick a halloween costume
  • Write a polite rejection email
  • Generate fantasy football team names
  • Explain airplane turbulence
  • Write a spreadsheet formula
  • Brainstorm domain name names
  • Explain nostalgia to tướng a kindergartener
  • Help brainstorm interview questions
  • Summarize my meeting notes
  • Write a Python script
  • Plan a college tour
  • Suggest rainy day activities
  • Write a SQL Query
  • Help u with gift ideas for my dad
  • Draft an tin nhắn for a repair quote
  • Troubleshoot my printer set-up
  • Write a thank-you note
  • Help u debug this code
  • Create a mobility training workout
  • Brainstorm podcast episode ideas
  • Review my argument for a debate
  • Suggest photo shoot locations
  • Teach u Mahjong for beginners
  • Draft a checklist for a dog-sitter
  • Help u improve this job description
  • Rank e-bikes for daily commuting

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You can choose from hundreds of GPTs that are customized for a single purpose—Creative Writing, Marathon Training, Trip Planning or Math Tutoring. Building a GPT doesn’t require any code, ví you can create one for almost anything with simple instructions. 

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