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Candy Crush Saga
Unlimited Lives
Android 4.4






With Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Lives), you will be comfortable lớn solve sầu every level in the game. From simple levels khổng lồ the hardest levels, you always have sầu a second chance!

Introducing Candy Crush Saga – The most successful puzzle game of all timeMOD APK version of Candy Crush Saga

Introducing Candy Crush Saga – The most successful puzzle game of all time

If I ask 100 people which is the best and most popular match-3 puzzle game, I will definitely get 101 answers that it is Candy Crush Saga. The game of King is considered to lớn be the best điện thoại game with billions of downloads on Google Play và the App Store. The game was first released on Facebook on April 12, 2012, followed by versions for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Possessing simple gameplay, the game is very well done with many challenges & useful things. Although it is a puzzle game, you will not find a headache but on the contrary, you feel lượt thích you are lost in a sweet world with hundreds of colorful sweet candies.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a similar game you can try.

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Match three candies to lớn get points

That right. Candy Crush Saga’s gameplay is lượt thích Bejeweled, which means match-3 but is in an unlimited time version. If in Bejeweled, you have khổng lồ complete the màn chơi in the time that the game requires, this adds to the challenge but accidentally makes the player feel more pressure, otherwise, that is completely improved in CCS. The game gives you something a bit slower and more fun. You can think an hour, a day or a week. Playing 5 turns, feeling stuchồng and lacking in ideas, you can go và have sầu a cup of coffee & come baông chồng khổng lồ finish the game. That doesn’t matter.

At the core of this game is that you need khổng lồ swap the positions of two candies next to lớn each other in vertical or horizontal lines by swiping your finger. If it creates a row or a column with at least three candies, they will disappear and random candies on top will fall to lớn fill the gap. Also, when you match 4 candies of the same type, you will create special candies corresponding lớn the color of the candy. Candies that are made up of 5 or more tablets can clear a lot of candy in the box. At difficult levels, the game has some special requirements lượt thích breaking the frozen candy, eating đôi mươi green candies, unlocking the hidden candies at the kết thúc of the table, clearing all the chocolate, …

Depending on the màn chơi, the challenges will increase. You can overcome dozens of first levels simply lượt thích a walk. But don’t think that the game lacks the challenge. No one dares lớn clayên ổn that this game is easy. Many people remember the moment they graduated from high school, but for me, it was the moment I passed level 96 of the game. I was stuông xã there for weeks but somehow, I got through after 1269th time of playing. What’s interesting about Candy Crush Saga is that even though there are some levels that are difficult, it doesn’t make players feel depressed. I always had the feeling that I could win the game any time and thought I was just missing a bit of luck.

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Discover the world of sweet candies

When playing Candy Crush Saga, you discover the world of sweet candy designed in an extremely eye-catching and colorful way. The thiết kế of the game makes me feel excited và addictive sầu. In particular, when you “eat candy”, everything will explode or there is a lightning bolt to lớn dissolve them. I can play games all day, anywhere, anytime. At breakfast, sit down for a coffee, relax on the sofa or even I can bring my phone khổng lồ the nhà wc to lớn play this game. The game is an effective sầu solution when you have sầu a long journey on a bus or a taxi.

Many game modes

ClassicTarget ScoreClear the Jelly Collect the Ingredients Order Mode

Invite friends to play together

You can invite your friends khổng lồ join the game by sharing games via social networks. This has the main purpose of advertising for the game, but you also get some offers such as more life to play. If you’ve sầu entered social networks, you can see your friends’ achievements on the cấp độ bản đồ.

MOD APK version of Candy Crush Saga

yamada.edu.vn understands any player’s problem, it is not enough lives to play.

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MOD feature

Unlimited Lives: Therefore, the MOD version of this game will give sầu you an unlimited number of lives (Up lớn 9999, increase 1 every 5 seconds). We believe sầu that is enough for you.

Download Candy Crush Saga MOD APK for Android

More than just a puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga is a great game to lớn entertain you anywhere, anytime. Join the sweet candy world of the game và “eat candy” delight. However, eating candy in this game is not easy at all!